Ben Lewis is a local singer songwriter who can often be heard at either the Delta of Venus or Sophia's.

Early Years

1977-1966 Ben Lewis did not get his musical start in Davis. It was while growing up in Nazareth, Pennsylvania that he began his professional music career with the Singing Boys of Pennsylvania (although not confirmed, video recordings of some of these performances are purported to exist). After two international tours with the Singing Boys, Ben Lewis finally reached puberty and was summarily dismissed because of his cracking voice and burgeoning facial hair. It was not until high school that Ben once again ventured into the public spotlight to perform at the local talent show. Although the name of his band has been lost to the ages, the song he sang (Cumbersome by the band Seven Mary Three) is still known.

College Years

1996-2000 It was in college that Ben first picked up his roommates guitar and taught himself to play. This was much to the chagrin of his roommate, who had been taking lessons for several semesters and still had no idea what he was doing. Ben would often perform in dorm rooms during this time period, playing original compositions that lampooned his friends and associates. Feelings were hurt. It was also during this time that Ben began playing folk standards and taking tentative steps toward writing more serious songs.

After college, Ben moved in with his parents and spent several months carousing, until his father gave him a stern talking to about the direction in which his life was headed. Fortunately, Ben was also concerned about his own drunken antics and had decided to attend graduate school for International Agricultural Development in Davis, California.

Davis Years

2002-present day Ben moved to Davis in early 2002 with ex-convict Jessica Leman. Musically, he began to blossom during this period, not just singing folk, but also country and the blues. He secured several shows at the Delta of Venus, one of which can be heard on his live album, still for sale there. More recently, he has played several opening shows at Sophia's, including one for baby faced heartthrob Brett Dennen. Rumor has it that he is hard at work on a new studio album with former seaman and Davis music impresario Alex Roth. Although it is just as likely that this is only a rumor and they spend the time drinking beer and punching the walls.

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2007-10-05 08:46:05   I love ben's music. so heartfelt and sincere and beautiful and open. rock on ben. —PxlAted