Available at Davis Food Co-op and Whole Foods.
Call seven days a week: 9AM - 9PM
(530) 570-1954
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Bicycle Bakery is a bakery item manufacturer based in Davis. They currently don't have any retail outlets, but their cakes are available in town at the Davis Food Co-op. They are "dedicated to providing gourmet quality vegan alternatives to traditional desserts and bakery items." Bicycle Bakery does not use eggs, dairy, honey, or any products derived from animals. Bicycle Bakery products contain no cholesterol, hydrogenated oils, alcohol, artificial ingredients, or refined sugar. They use environmentally sound packaging and procedures. It is their stated goal to provide dessert and bakery items that enhance the health of our community, respect and honor every living creature, and support a thriving and sustainable planet."

Bicycle Bakery's menu includes walnut-pineapple carrot cake with a "cream cheese" (tofu based substitute) frosting, a double chocolate cake, gluten free brownie pies, gluten free peanut butter cookies, regular pb cookies, coconut macaroons, fudge and other desserts. Specialty cakes and vegan birthday cakes are available with a 24 hour notice.

Old website domain expired in 2011, click here for the archive.


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2009-06-26 12:27:00   They also sell their treats to cafes in Santa Cruz, Willits, Berkeley, and soon to be in several Whole Foods. —Betina

2009-06-26 13:57:46   I don't think that their carrot cake is actually vegan because of the cream cheese. Unless it is not actually cream cheese. —ScottWong

  • They don't actually use cream-cheese; many vegan recipes call for something like Toffutti's "Better Than Cream Cheese" tofu based substitute. My girlfriend once made a vegan pumpkin "cheese"cake that was actually pretty darn tasty! -ES

2009-06-26 14:15:47   Yum! Baked bicycles! —IDoNotExist

2009-06-26 14:21:10   the cream cheese is the imitation made by Toffutti —Betina

2009-08-12 17:06:58   We thoroughly enjoyed a wonderful chocolate cake at a birthday party. Everyone raved about its deliciousness and the fact it was vegan. I would give one warning to other parents, though, that our child has never been over-stimulated for hours like she was after eating the cake. Perhaps it was the amount of chocolate? At any rate, great job. It would be great to see the products in the Davis Food Co-Op and/or the Nugget markets. —MrsC

2009-08-23 12:13:07   Where in Davis are their delectible delights sold? —EricaShultz

2009-08-25 15:22:34   I tried to find Bicycle Bakery in Davis...I got a piece of their heavenly chocolate brownie cake at Whole Foods in Sacramento and I wanted to be able to get their yummy gluten free oat bars without driving 20 miles each way (although they are worth it!) Finally, I called and they said even though their commercial kitchen in in downtown Davis, they haven't found any retail outlets in Davis to take on their products...too bad...so if you call them you can special order and arrange for pick up or delivery. Fast turnaround time, too. —shanta

2009-09-28 17:19:29   just reading about it makes me hungry fro a big juciy ribeye!! —AnthonyStasulat

2009-09-28 17:20:22   lol —AnthonyStasulat

2009-10-19 11:31:39   I custom ordered a chocolate cake and it was fabulous! I can't wait until they have a storefront. —Nancycat

2010-01-17 18:42:59   I am not a vegan, but I love these delicious and healthier high-quality baked treats and breakfast eats! I'm so happy that some of Bicycle Bakery's goods are now being sold here in Davis- where they are also made- and no longer need to travel all the way to whole foods! Some of my favorites are the tasty and energizing cranberry, chocolate chip/coconut and maple pecan oat bars. I love to have them for breakfast or quick snacks. I wish that my two favorites, the delicious carrot and chocolate cakes were carried here, but I'm definitely happy to find my second favorite- the peanut butter cookies here in Davis! YUM!!! —Opal

2010-01-17 18:45:33   Oh, and I also want to mention that the cake that my friend ordered for her mom's birthday was both gorgeous and delicious! The owner, Shannon was really kind and delivered it right to her place! It was chocolate with two layers! —Opal

2010-02-05 20:08:29   I found this bakery by being shown the pastries at Kaiser S Sac....the cafe owner showed us after I asked if a vegan drink was good. I've been on a strict anti-inflammatory diet and am sensitive to gluten. We were so happy to finally find a "safe treat" that is local. We will look for your products at Whole Foods that is near us in the San Joaquin County. —Annasan51

2010-06-10 20:01:41   I'm the owner of Bicycle Bakery and pleased to announce that I've outgrown my kitchen space in Davis!! The chocolate brownie cake and pineapple walnut carrot cake have become so popular that I just couldn't keep up with the demand. I found a baking production company that follows my recipes to the teaspoon and guarantees the one-batch-at-a-time quality you've come to love. Beginning in July, Bicycle Bakery cakes will be distributed by Tony's Fine Foods and made available in retail stores throughout Northern California. A list of locations and current menu can be found at bicyclebakeryonline.com Watch for new items coming soon....vegan biscotti....vegan cupcakes in three flavors....vegan macaroons....and vegan oat bars packed with energy and bursting with flavor. Shannon —shanta

2010-07-16 18:36:19   The chocolate brownie cake is so delicious. Really perfect, inside and out. I ordered one and it came with beautiful edible flowers decorating the top. The cake was enjoyed by nonvegans as well. Can't recommend this bakery enough. —EstherWright

2010-08-20 12:05:30   Just wanted to let my loyal customers know...Bicycle Bakery Vegan Cakes can be found at the following locations: Henry's Market on Laguna Blvd. in Elk Grove (under private label), 8 Mollie Stone's Markets throughout the bay area, and ALL 36 of the Whole Foods Markets in Northern California. A more complete list will be updated to my website soon....bicyclebakeryonline.com... —shanta

2012-11-20 15:14:17   I just tried their pumpkin spice cake from the food co-op. Even speaking as a non-vegan it was delicious! I have to re-evaluate my long held opinion that good food requires animal suffering! —PeterJensen