I'm a relatively new resident in Davis and the wiki Pets community. My housemate Megan is a student at UCD and I joined her up her this year. I've settled in nicely and comfortably rule the house. I also live with Remy.


American short-hair (read "mutt") (most likely born to feral parents) Four and half years old, Dark brown tabby with white stomach, chest, face, and feet. Female ('fixed').




I am most assuredly a cat, but I have yet to meet a cat who does all the un-cat-like things I do...I enjoy a good game of fetch(yes, I bring my toy back to whom ever is playing with me), go on walks, ask for water (by mewing) when sitting in a sink or tub, sit and sit-up on command(if I know a treat is coming), and go on various adventures with Megan (i.e. to farmer's market or to class at UCD).