Mobile Bike Church

In 2007, the Bike Church created a "Mobile Ministers Unit" to bring the blessings of the Bike Ministry to people that haven't found the location at The Domes. Mounted on a 6' aluminum trailer, the MMU is an attractive "Mission Style" building suitable for carrying all the tools of the clergy to any location in Davis. The tower has alcoves for seven bells, to represent the Seven Virtues of Bicycling. As of yet, pious patrons have brought three bells to the church, and we are eagerly awaiting further donations by the faithful to complete our worship facility. The Church can also be used for napping or as a confessional.

Construction and First Ministration The Mobile Ministers Unit made its debut on campus April 25th, arriving at The Quad at about 3:45PM. While traveling through downtown we drew interested looks from bicyclists and motorists, and the unit handled pretty well, except for an awkward shimmy. After ministering to a few bikes, the ministers made their way over to The Domes, where the MMU was well-received by the Domies and other ministers present.

Pasture Ted, Shailendra, IO and Elizabeth pose with the mobile bike church they just finished creating, April 24, 2007. , Morgan and Aja work on tuning up Aja's bike, on the Quad. April 25, 2007. Morgan pilots The Church on its maiden voyage to The Domes

First Mass and Painting

On April 27th, The Mobile Church participated in its first Mass. All the cars were Very Well Behaved, and The Bikes and The Church got along famously. IO painted the church with a base coat of red and white on April 29th, then it returned to The Domes for outfitting prior to the Whole Earth Festival. On May 10, Elizabeth and Julia painted The Church into a "cottage" style, with cute windows, windowboxes, and a fabulous stained glass window on the rear wall. Siobhan and Pasture Ted finished the painting on May 11, adding some lifelike vegetation, identification signs with inspirational slogans, and another stained glass window at the front wall.

First Mass (Parishoner Dina scaled Davis Ridge (the highest point in Central Davis) to take this photo) Fitting in with the crowd On May 7th, The Church was having a little breather before its next assignment Pasture Ted's friends Mark and Kelly from out of town do an "American Gothic" pose.

Ministering and Parading at the Whole Earth Festival

The MMU had a busy day at WEF, with workshops scheduled on-the-hour. then the Mobile Minister Unit healed bikes at the Whole Earth Festival on May 12. Two bottom brackets were replaced that day, a new record for the MMU. After ministering, we went on a bike parade around the Quad, showing off the mobile church to all the festival-goers, and circling each traffic circle three times, to honor the trinity of The Wheel, The Chain, and The Hollow Frame.

After a long day of ministering, the MMU and clergy returned to The Domes for a well-earned rest. The Ministers On Duty pose with The Church (from the left: Ty, Monk FixIt, The Reverend Jason, Minister Congleton, Friar Robbie and Pasture Ted) Parishoner Mike Siminitus works on his Extracycle. Circling the roundabouts Returning to The Domes The Mobile Church has returned to the Mother Church.

Ministering Ministering Ministering

On June 4, Pasture Ted and IO displayed the MMU at the Davis Bicycles Work Bike gathering On July 7, The MMU ministered at the Wiki BBQ Summer 2007 Pasture Ted watches as parishoner Kelly works on her brakes In June and July, 2007, the MMU was a regular feature at the East Davis Bicycle Spiritual Centre Two more from the DB Working Bikes themed meeting 6-4-07 (2)

WhymCycleized!!! On Aug 17th, 2007, Peter Wagner transformed the church into a self-propelled WhymCycles. A solid axle with two wheels was added to the rear, and a scooter with a kid's bike drive train was added to the front. It can now move under its own power, handles well, and looks really cool. The only drawback is that the ergonomics aren't so hot, so you can only go about 6 mph and get sore legs after 2 blocks. But, it's a step in the right direction. Thanks, Peter!!!

(Update—Late August—Peter replaced the childs' bike pedals with a handsome one-piece crank set off a Magna. With the added crank length, Minister IO was able to get a 16mph reading on the police radar screen at 3rd and J.)

Cat Gypsy looks approvingly as Pasture Ted and Shailendra show off the new configuration. Shailendra cruises along at about 2 mph Pasture Ted shows just how fast the church can go! Minister IO demos the new configuration at about 6 mph, on Aug 19, 2007 It's always a busy day for self-propelled vehicles on Duke Drive. Here Minister IO chats a bit with John (midway through his 12 mile wheel route) and a pair of lovebirds are doubling by in the background.

More Ministering The church later led an entourage of 25 visiting bicyclists from the Buehler Alumni & Visitors Center to Little Prague for the conference pub crawl. One blessed conferencegoer (a small Frenchman) was given a ride in the church itself. The Church was available for the Sept "Walk Bike Conference" attendees to heal and bless their bikes. Shown posing with its' friend the Pedal-Electric Trike, as featured on the front page of the Sept 13, 2007 California Aggie

Healing of bikes at Sept 15 Cesar Chavez Elementary Fiesta de la Bicicleta (Bike Fair) The church is open (but upside-down?) Laying of hands

The MMU ministered and participated in in Critical Mass on Oct 26th, 2007, and in the Halloween "Ride of Mayham" ride on Oct 31 with Mark Chang's Piano Car. After the Mayhem ride, Parishoner Sarah piloted the church back to East Davis with a passenger on board. (Photos anyone?)

Transformation into a speedster! On Nov 2nd, 2007, Peter Wagner replaced the kids' bike drivetrain/front end with a snazzy "NEXT" 21-speed front end. The improved geometry and choice of gearing enabled the church to reach a top speed of 20 mph, sustained for as long as the minister's stamina allows (about 2 blocks). Never before have churches been seen operating at such speed in Davis. Under normal exertion it can now operate very comfortably for long distances at about 6 mph. Thanks, Peter!!!

"Recent sightings" The Mobile Ministry Unit summited the West Entry Parking Structure on the Nov 2007 Critical Mass ride Darach pilots the church around Davis (undated photo from Facebook) This last Winter break, the MMU was yet again upgraded by Peter Wagner, and now sports a rider-friendly conventional driveline..mostly..from 2 salvaged adult tricycle drivelines. Photos to follow!

April 2011. Top part seen on left; can now be separated from flatbed MMU trailer.