Minister Training / Workshop Schedule—Winter 2008

Have you always wanted to learn how to heal bikes? Do you wish you were an "expert" and could help other see the light or adjust their derailleur? Have you wanted to be a "bike church groupie" but feel insecure in your present level of enlightenment?

Come by the Bike Church during regular hours, Wed & Sat 12-6 p.m., and ask to shadow a minister.

We look forward to continuing our"Minister Training Program" in the future, but for now we're focusing on bike repair and securing our future existence in the face of an eviction notice from our current premises. Check out the Bike Church for details.

Past and future courses include:

- orientation to the Bike Church—"what is XYZ and where can I find ABC?" - ministering tips—how to teach people to repair bikes, how much to show them, how much to encourage them to learn on their own? - healing of tubes and tires - adjusting your brakes and saving your wheels (and self) - truth, wheels and wheel truing - blessing your bike for Burning Man - trailer building and design - the "13 Point Safety Check" (how to do safety checks at schools) - the gift of wrapping your handlebars - Pilgrimage Preparation - 10 Commandments of safe urban riding - What to look for when adopting or resurrecting a bike - Wheel truing, bearing adjustment and overhaul - The Art Of Resurrection: how to build a great bike out of the bike junkyard - Steering straight—overhauling the Headset - Brakes—cantilever, caliper, V, U, cables, shoe replacement - Prepare your bike for Burning Man- skirt guards, lights, selecting the right bike, etc. - Drive Trains—chain, gears, shifting - Bike Church Work Party—learn where everything goes by cleaning and organizing! - Decorating your bike—ditch the coporate logos, make the bike yours. - The Art of Ministering—help people learn, keep people happy - Basic Wheelbuilding - Winterize your bike—fenders, lube 'n stuff

Minister Tyler teaches the first Minister Training course on July 20, 2007 Mike shows off his newly resurrected bike—just last week this bike was a pile of rusting parts in the graveyard!