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1221 1/2 4th Street, Davis, CA (Intersection of 4th and L Street, northwest corner,
in the courtyard facing south.
Please see the Map or Google Street View.)
Hours (call first to confirm if you can)
Mon. 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.
Wed. 4 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Thurs. 4 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Saturday 12 noon to 4 p.m. depending on volunteer availability
(530) 758-1483
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Website and video links
Facebook Page
Video interview w/Davis Bike Collective
Payment Methods
Cash, Davis Dollars, Work-trade
Bike Forth cannot accept trades of parts for parts.
April 16, 2009

Bike Forth is a DIY bicycle repair shop operated by the Davis Bike Collective. In contrast to the other shops where you just drop off your bike, pick it up later and get a bill, Bike Forth is an interactive shop where it's about the relationship, the personal experience. When you go there, you will be greeted by someone asking what you need help with. They might explain that they will give expert diagnosis, provide tools, provide parts, and give space -but you will largely do the work yourself on your own bike. The point is about you learning, and thus becoming more independent and perhaps able to fix your bike all by yourself next time. (Note that becoming independent and self-reliant is contrary to the commercial system which seeks to keep you ignorant and thus dependent.) Where else can you get training by experts for next to nothing? Prices for all services are set by nominal donation, which keeps them affordable for all.

What does it cost?

You won't find definitive prices at Bike Forth - payment is flexible; it's all about fairness, equity, ability, and inclination. This is strange, eh?, but we hope you get the drift.

To be clear, we ask for $5 donation per hour spent in the shop, and a fair contribution for whatever parts and materials are used (we do have a recommended donation range for each type of part). In lieu of a donation we're also happy to have your time in work-trade; we ask for an hour of your time for an hour of shop use. Note that donating bike parts is a wonderful thing to do, but it doesn't count toward shop credit. There have been so many concerns about people potentially laundering stolen bikes through the shop that we've had to take a hard line on this. You can, however, get a tax receipt for donating bikes and parts if you request it.

Keep in mind that there are many real and significant expenses to run Bike Forth (including rent, insurance, utilities, improvements), it's in your hands to contribute enough to keep the community shop afloat.

FREE METAL RECYCLING: The stuff in the "metal recycling" area next to the dumpster is free to the public. A metal scavenger comes by and picks it up, but reuse is better than recycling, so take what you need! Bike Forth occasionally triages old unused parts. If they're open, check to confirm that you're looking at the right pile of stuff. If they're closed, metal recycling should be the only stuff (if any) left outside next to the dumpster.

FREE VERY FLAT TUBES: When Bike Forth is open, there are sometimes flat tubes in the orange trash bin. These make excellent bungee cords and can expand your bike rack's carrying capacity. Flat tubes not in the orange trash bin can be repaired and used as tubes and should not be considered free bungee cords. Other bike shops may also sometimes have bike tubes in the trash for you if you ask.

Regular Open Shop

Come by to use tools, fix your bike(s), drop off donations, pick up some sweet parts, and learn skills during these hours. Our volunteers are in the shop to help you out and guide you through whatever you may need to do.

Open Bike Night

On hiatus. Formerly a bike-related social and/or learning evening.

Women Trans Femme (WTF) Workshop

On hiatus - they would love for you to become a regular volunteer who eventually takes this project on. Look here for history, plus here for a brief video on the mission of the group.

Music Shows

In addition to its role as a DIY bicycle repair shop and educational collective, Bike Forth is a community space that sometimes serves as a venue for music shows. An in-progress list of bands that have performed at Bike Forth is as follows. Click links for footage of the shows:


The volunteers are often high-spirited and sometimes downright giddy. Here is one of the volunteers doing a jig while helping a patron build a bike.

Also see


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2012-03-19 01:44:48   Bike Forth,

You guys are amazing. One of your volunteers left a note in my ATAX stem and let me know how crazy it was. This act of kindness is not only amazing and super rare in our times. Thank you for all the hard work you guys do and for taking the time to actually leave a helpful note for a stranger. Keep on doing what you're doing you guys! Awesome! —DonHo

2012-04-08 01:00:59   We cancelled Tuesdays so that we can focus volunteer energy more reliably on the other open hours.

Thanks DonHo! I'll pass that message along to Jeff. —Angel.York

2012-04-30 20:30:23   can someone who knows nothing about how to fix bikes come here?


Yes... that's the whole point. —Aaron.Curtin

2013-12-01 21:34:09   Great resource to buy used, quality parts or hard to get items (vintage forks, handlebars etc.) Keep up the great work!!! —BradyCorcoran