Bike polo is like horse polo or hockey but on bicycles and without as many rules. You can get a feel for the game by watching this and this. It can be played on any type of bicycle however, bikes will typically take damage so playing on a bike that is not your commuter bike is wise. The local club has loaner bikes and mallets for beginners to try.

It's often played on the hockey rink at West Manor Park on Sunday afternoons and some weekday evenings on campus in the parking structure near the Memorial Union. If you want to play/watch, just check Davis Bicycle Polo on Facebook, where practice time/place is usually posted. You might be able to get info on building mallets at Bike Forth but if you are beginner and just want to try it, you can borrow one before committing to building your own. They are always looking for new players! All genders are welcome.

Three of the Davis players qualified for the North American Championship in 2013. Thanks to the generosity of friends, family, and several local businesses, they raised enough money to travel to Minneapolis in August 2013, where they placed 25th out of 48 teams.


Two goals are set up on the ends of a rectangular field, often designated with two cones per goal. A suitable ball, whether a street hockey ball for challenging play or a soccer ball for faster action, is set in the middle. Play starts with the teams behind their goal line. Upon the initiation of play, the teams charge for the ball. Scoring obviously occurs when the ball is passed through the opposition's goal in the proper direction.

Rules of Contact: -Bike on bike -Person on Person -Mallet on mallet -NEVER SHALL THE THREE MIX!

If your foot touches the ground, it is a foul and you are out of play until you ride back to a specific point, defined for each game.

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