1350 Monarch Ln. My living room in East Davis
About once a month

"I host concerts in my living room on a regular basis featuring various types of traditional folk music. The likes of Kevin Burke, Laurie Lewis, Jake Fussell, Sleepy Todd, and Tom Rozum, Cosy Sheridan and Harvey Reid have been here. For information or to be added to my email list contact me at wjwagman@dcn.org. I will post them on the events board as well."

Bill was featured in The Davis Enterprise on Feb. 10, 2006 in an article titled Full house: Local fan caters to the music scene ... in his living room. He has been hosting house concerts since 1993.1 See his concert web page.

He is also a KDVS DJ, currently alternating weeks on The Saturday Morning Folk Show (Sat 9AM-Noon). Bill's father was Dr. Irving H. Wagman who, in the 60s, was appointed jointly to the Department of Animal Physiology and the National Center for Primate Biology to initiate a research program in neurophysiology.

Also reference page WjWagman.


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2004-12-07 20:39:32 Hey, that sounds pretty cool! - JackHaskel

2006-08-11 14:05:23   I first heard Bill Wagman doing a morning show back in 2001-2002?? He did the best movie reviews. I looked forward to those. He must have seen 3-4 movies a week, that guy. —JenMichaelis

2007-09-15 23:42:09   Love Laurie Lewis :) —DanielWorthington


1. Ryen, Maddy. Full house: Local fan caters to the music scene ... in his living room. The Davis Enterprise. 2006-02-10