Hi! My name is Bill and I am cute.

Bill the Bunny has a long history at 720. Currently, he resides in a large cage in the backyard patio, mostly fending for himself, with a variety of live-in housemates that tend to his needs. Most of the day he roams around the backyard patio, which he shares with Ernie the Pig. Bill is regularly seen mounting and then rapidly humping Ernie when they're together, which is unusual, because Ernie tolerates this but is quite irritable otherwise.

Bill enjoys getting fed, hiding under the house, and getting scratched behind the ears. He's a social little bunny, but tends to be a bit reclusive during house parties. This is one bunny who's been through quite a lot, indeed. But I'll leave Bill's complicated and depressing family history to someone else who no doubt can tell the story better than myself.

Oh yeah, Bill is not only the softest bunny you will ever meet, but he is also the most photogenic.

Bill's sad tale begins when two shortsighted fratboys bought two speckled rabbits at the Ace pet store. They probably thought that the bunnies would get them laid, or some other stupid thing like that. The two bunnies, named Bill and Ted, turned out to be male and female, respectively. So, bunnies do what bunnies do...which is to say they hump 127 times a day. The two einsteins who own these bunnies did not even know that Ted was pregnant until she started having babies. Well, since the babies were really cute, everyone was cool with it until the bunnies started dying of neglect from their owners. At least one died of unknown reasons, one had its back broken when Ted stepped on the baby in the small cage, and the rest were coldly set free to die. It was really sad that the two douches who bought the bunnies let all this happen. Bill was the only survivor...and he almost was eaten by Keith, so if you see Bill, be gentle. He's been through some stuff.

As of mid-March, there are FOUND BUNNY flyers up on Anderson Road with a description of Bill. But there have also been sightings of Bill running through the back yard of 720 says after the flyer went up. He certainly is a bunny about town.


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I bet my bunny is more photogenic than yours!!! DeannaBrusco

I am pretty sure I found this bunny and returned it to 720. Such a soft bunny, but you folks really should try and keep him in your backyard or he's gonna get eaten one of these days.PhilipNeustrom

Sounds and looks like he's either a Rex or Mini Rex. They're especially soft and velvety because the guard hairs are the same length as the undercoat. Yes, yes I am a rabbit nerd. 12 years of 4-H and working at the county fair in the rabbit section will do that to ya I guess.CindySperry