Clockwise from Top Left: Bioinformatics, Plant, Microbiology and Fermentation, and Animal emphases

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Club Adviser
Denneal Jamison-McClung -
Major Adviser
Theresa Costa -

Current Officers

Club Co-Presidents
Jonathan Doan and Noimee Lasat
Club Treasurer
Elahe Jahani
Club Social/Activities Chair
Kendra Liu
Club Social Media and Technology Chair
Kristofer Nguyen
Club Social, Activities, and Mentorship Chair
Noeli Acoba
Publicity/Outreach Service Chair
Saavan Bhakta
Club Publicity Officer

Nick Cumpian


About the club

The Biotechnology Club is a student organization that is designed to provide you answers:

  • "What is biotechnology?"
  • "What does it mean to have an emphasis in either Animal, Plant, Microbiology and Fermentation, and/or Bioinformatics?"
  • "What does a real Biotechnology company like Novozymes look like?"
  • "What can I get out of this major once I graduate?"

They also seek to provide a medium for underclassmen to make an informed decision when choosing an emphasis.

As a club, they can serve as a proxy for upperclassmen to share their knowledge of biotech specific coursework and as a forum among undergraduate researchers.

Biotechnology encapsulates many fields. Whether your career aspirations are in medicine, technology, agriculture, engineering, forensics, organic chemistry, academia, or public policy, the Biotechnology Club is a resource for finding what's out there, and helping you decide what is for you.

During the meetings, they aim to provide information about the Biotechnology major, create networks among students & faculty, discuss the industry's current affairs, and finally, to foster bonds of friendship.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail them at their club e-mail.

Volunteer Events

From Left to Right Sonia Gh, Whitney Ng, Sean Woods, Shawn Higdon, Leticia Jocelin, Alex Wai, Briantono Djakaria, (Amory - Graduate student) UC Davis Biotechnology Expo The Expo is a volunteer event where apprentice level (6-7th grade) middle school students sign up for a scientific project topic (such as Agriculture Biotechnology, Genomics, Forensics, Biomedical Engineering, etc), and create a poster detailing the history, the economic impact, and the ethical and social issues of the topic. This event is not only great for educating the middle school students about the scientific topics in society, but helps engage them in topics the students may take part in the future.

The Biotechnology Club helps by setting up the event, helps judge the posters the students bring, and helps to clean up after the event is over.

Former Club Officers

2012-2013 Club Officers
Club President
Leticia Harjono
Club Vice-President
Lillian Lau
Club Treasurer
Karen Sean
Club Secretary
Shawn Higdon
Club Recruitment Chair
Alex Wai
Club Design Chair
Stephy Hong
Club Social/Activities Chair
Matt Denney
Club Webmaster
Alex Wai
Documentation Chair
Sonia Ghandi
Outreach/Community Service Chair
Kenny Lipich
2011-2012 Club Officers
Club Co-Presidents
Sean Woods and Filip Radulovic
Club Treasurer
Briantono Djakaria
Club Secretary
Leticia Harjono
Club Multimedia Officer
Lillian Lau
Club Documentation Officer
Katrina Sutton
Club Publication Officer
Matt Denney

2010-2011 Club Officers
Club President
Zachary Bower
Club Vice President
Brian Mendonca
Club Treasurer
Addison Cardozo
Other Officers
Momo He, Sam Gozun


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