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Birdstrike Theatre is UC Davis' premier improv comedy team, founded in 2003.  Visit theirFacebook page for the most up to date information about the troupe.

Arrive early -space is limited!

Shows: Birdstrike performs at 123 Sciences Lecture Hall or Kleiber Hall every other Friday during the regular school year (Fall/Winter/Spring Quarters). Most shows are around an hour to an hour and a half, and consist of multiple long-form improv formats.  They also occasionally feature a special guest.

Performance 2016

Annual Events: 

  • FemmeProv - Femme-identified members of Birdstrike plan and host an inter-collegiate festival specifically for femmes in comedy.  The event takes place in Davis, typically in April.
  • HellaCappella - a cappella showcase hosted by The Spokes.  Birdstrike traditionally emcees.
  • Improv du Jour - two-day collegiate improv festival hosted by UC Berkeley's jericho! comedy 
  • Fracas - three-day improv festival hosted by Second Nature Improv of USC

Auditions: New members are inducted once a year at the beginning of Fall quarter. 

Workshops and jams:  Free open improv classes and jams are held on occasion. These are announced ahead of time on the group’s Facebook page. 

Social Media: Birdstrike actively maintains a Facebook page - their primary method of disseminating information.  The group also has an Instagram.

Booking:  Outside of their own shows, Birdstrike is often featured other clubs’ benefit shows and events, and have performed for a multitude of other Davis groups and organizations. To book Birdstrike for an event or get more information, contact them through theirFacebook page.

Birdstrike in the news:

Team Roster

2019-2020 members (current team)
Adam Castro*
Ali Janku*
Anna Neubauer*
Chloe Wasil**
Hernan Urena-Valdez**
Justin Carver*
Kristin Conner*
Ralph Shehayed*
Taylor Davis***
Tyler Pruyn***

2018-2019 members
Chloe Wasil*
Garrett Boyd***
Gavin Kumar*
Hayley Chung****
Hernan Urena-Valdez*
Jeton Gutierrez-Bujari****
Meral Basit****
Michael Broussalian*****
Sam Tick-Raker****
Taylor Davis**
Teagan Ferdinandsen***
Tyler Pruyn**

2017-2018 members

Garrett Boyd**
Hayley Chung***
Jeton Gutierrez-Bujari***
Jordan Brownlee**
Meral Basit***
Michael Broussalian****
Parker Nevin***
Sam Tick-Raker***
Taylor Davis*
Teagan Ferdinandsen**
Tyler Pruyn*

2016-2017 members

Dillon Hanna***
Eavan Huth****
Garrett Boyd*
Hayley Chung**
Jess Tierney****
Jeton Gutierrez-Bujari**
Jordan Brownlee*
Meral Basit**
Michael Broussalian***
Parker Nevin**
Sam Tick-Raker**
Teagan Ferdinandsen*

2015-2016 members:

Dillon Hanna**
Eavan Huth***
Elizabeth Rowan**
Hayley Chung*
Jess Tierney***
Jeton Gutierrez-Bujari*
Meral Basit*
Michael Broussalian**
Parker Nevin*
Sam Tick-Raker*
Sarah Lloyd****

2014-2015 members:

Charlie Norton***
Christian Million**
Court Hansen**
Dillon Hanna*
Eavan Huth**
Elizabeth Rowan*
Jess Tierney**
Luke Weidner*
Michael Broussalian*
Nate Zieg*
Peter Narby***
Sarah Lloyd***

2013-2014 members:

Brandon Norris**
Charlie Norton**
Christian Million*
Clint Gibler
Court Hansen*
Eavan Huth*
Jamie Pierce
Jess Tierney*
Kiril Stoimenov*
Omri Kruvi
Peter Narby**
Sarah Lloyd**

2012-2013 members:
Brandon Norris*
Charlie Norton*
Clint Gibler
Gareth Nichols
James Sears
Jamie Pierce
Kelly Thornton
Omri Kruvi
Peter Narby*
Sarah Lloyd*

2011-2012 members:
Andrew Kessler
Brandon Blanks
Caroline Jaynes
Chris Bulkley-Logston
Clint Gibler
Gareth Nichols
James Sears
Katelyn Hempstead
Kelly Thornton
Morgan Woolf
Omri Kruvi

2010-2011 members:
Alison Stevenson
Spencer Reid
Todd McClintock

2009-2010 members:
Charles Uselman
David Danipour




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2009-05-31 00:12:58   I've attended two of their shows, a big one and a small one. The small shows they put on throughout the quarter are usually free, and feature a smaller cast. The big shows cost $2 or $3 but last about two hours to include sketch comedy, videos, and of course, improv.

The last show I watched was birdstrikeVII, with a "freedom" them.


At the end of the show, it was bittersweet as they said good-bye to a large portion of their cast who were graduating. It will be great to see how the younger ones keep it up! I can't wait until next year, but will definitely miss the older cast members.

If you have a chance to attend a show of theirs, DO IT! It is a very cheap form of entertainment, and you'll probably feel happier after attending a show. —BrookeB

2012-01-28 15:59:07   so amazing. I loved last nights show!!!! Especially the pocket sketch and the interview. :) —jenb