Birdstrike 2015-2016

Birdstrike Theatre is the premier and only improv comedy team at UC Davis. They put on shows every other Friday during the regular school year (Fall/Winter/Spring Quarters) for a suggested donation of $1. Most shows are around 1hr 30min and consist of multiple long-form improv “formats,” as well as the occasional special guest.

Outside of their own shows, Birdstrike is known to appear in other clubs’ benefit shows and events. They are often the emcees of The Davis Spokes' a cappella showcase HellaCappella, and have performed for other Davis groups and organizations.  Workshops and jams are held on occasion, and are announced ahead of time on the group’s Facebook page.

Birdstrike annually attends Fracas, a three-day improv festival hosted by Second Nature Improv of USC, and Improv du Jour, a two-day festival hosted by jericho! Comedy of UC Berkeley.  The womxn-identified members of Birdstrike plan and host Ladyprov, a festival specifically for womxn in comedy.

Auditions for the team are held once a year at the beginning of Fall quarter. To book Birdstrike for an event or get more information, contact them through Facebook.

Social Media: Birdstrike actively maintains a Facebook page as their primary method of disseminating information. The group also has an Instagram.

Team Roster

2016-2017 members:
Dillon Hanna***
Eavan Huth****
Garrett Boyd*
Hayley Chung**
Jess Tierney****
Jeton Gutierrez-Bujari**
Jordan Brownlee*
Meral Basit**
Michael Broussalian***
Parker Nevin**
Sam Tick-Raker**
Teagan Ferdinandsen*

2015-2016 members:
Dillon Hanna**
Eavan Huth***
Hayley Chung*
Jess Tierney***
Jeton Gutierrez-Bujari*
Meral Basit*
Michael Broussalian**
Parker Nevin*
Sam Tick-Raker*
Sarah Lloyd****

2014-2015 members:
Charlie Norton***
Christian Million**
Court Hansen**
Dillon Hanna*
Eavan Huth**
Elizabeth Rowan*
Jess Tierney**
Luke Weidner*
Michael Broussalian*
Nate Zieg*
Peter Narby***
Sarah Lloyd***

2013-2014 members:
Brandon Norris**
Charlie Norton**
Christian Million*
Clint Gibler
Court Hansen*
Eavan Huth*
Jamie Pierce
Jess Tierney*
Kiril Stoimenov*
Omri Kruvi
Peter Narby**
Sarah Lloyd**

2012-2013 members:
Brandon Norris*
Charlie Norton*
Clint Gibler
James Sears
Jamie Pierce
Kelly Thornton
Omri Kruvi
Peter Narby*
Sarah Lloyd*



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2009-05-31 00:12:58   I've attended two of their shows, a big one and a small one. The small shows they put on throughout the quarter are usually free, and feature a smaller cast. The big shows cost $2 or $3 but last about two hours to include sketch comedy, videos, and of course, improv.

The last show I watched was birdstrikeVII, with a "freedom" them.


At the end of the show, it was bittersweet as they said good-bye to a large portion of their cast who were graduating. It will be great to see how the younger ones keep it up! I can't wait until next year, but will definitely miss the older cast members.

If you have a chance to attend a show of theirs, DO IT! It is a very cheap form of entertainment, and you'll probably feel happier after attending a show. —BrookeB

2012-01-28 15:59:07   so amazing. I loved last nights show!!!! Especially the pocket sketch and the interview. :) —jenb