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Birdstrike Theater is an improv and sketch comedy group at UC Davis. They put on quarterly big revues and have frequent appearances and smaller comedy shows throughout the quarter.

The troupe specializes in Chicago style long form improv and sketch comedy. Members have trained with Second City , IO Chicago ComedySportz, and elsewhere.

Birdstrike has done shows, festivals, and hosted workshops from Davis, to the Bay Area to LA.

For short-form improv, see Rats in the Alley.


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2009-05-31 00:12:58   I've attended two of their shows, a big one and a small one. The small shows they put on throughout the quarter are usually free, and feature a smaller cast. The big shows cost $2 or $3 but last about two hours to include sketch comedy, videos, and of course, improv.

The last show I watched was birdstrikeVII, with a "freedom" them.


At the end of the show, it was bittersweet as they said good-bye to a large portion of their cast who were graduating. It will be great to see how the younger ones keep it up! I can't wait until next year, but will definitely miss the older cast members.

If you have a chance to attend a show of theirs, DO IT! It is a very cheap form of entertainment, and you'll probably feel happier after attending a show. —BrookeB

2012-01-28 15:59:07   so amazing. I loved last nights show!!!! Especially the pocket sketch and the interview. :) —jenb