Birthdays can be lots of fun, no matter what age you are.

Birthday Deals, Discounts and Freebies


You don't have to drive all the way to Chevy's to have waiters and busboys make a ridiculous fuss about your birthday (though you might have to go there if you want a free sombrero). If you mention it's your birthday, you might get the following deals:

  • Many places will give you something small for free on your birthday if you smile and ask nice while showing proof it is your birthday.
  • Baskin Robbins has a birthday club which emails you a printable coupon good for a 2.5oz. scoop of ice cream or 3oz. of soft serve. Good for 5 days after your birthday.
  • Caffe Italia gives a free "Elmer's Sundae", which is a scoop of vanilla ice cream with chocolate shell on top. Also, if you are on their mailing list, they also send you a coupon on your half-birthday for a free dinner.
  • Davis Sushi Buffet lets "birthday people" eat for free only if you bring in a party of at least six.
  • Jusco gives you a free meal on your birthday if you bring in three other paying adults.
  • Woodstock's Pizza Gives 25% off and a free cinnabread.
  • Sophia's will let you spin for a free shot of liquor provided you buy a drink.
  • Little Prague Bar has a free birthday shot of mystery liquor they will give you if you buy a drink
  • Kathmandu Kitchen Offers $10 off a bill of $30 or more on your birthday.
  • Dutch Bros Coffee will give you free coffee drink on your birthday (with ID)
  • Mikuni's will let you spin a wheel for a free prize (anything from a bag of rice to $100 gift card) must be within 1 week of your birthday.  You must order something though.
  • Applebee's offers a free entrée on your birthday when you sign up for their email updates and coupons.
  • IHOP also offers free birthday meal for those on their "Pancake Revolution" email list.  You also get a free meal when you sign up, and one year after you sign up.

Kid's Birthdays

Birthday Party Venues

Many of these cater towards children's parties, but accommodations can probably be made for older folks.





Party Supplies


(Better yet, make your own cake!)

Decorations and Equipment

  • Party and Vac has lots of balloons, confetti, favors and such.
  • Dollar Tree has inexpensive decorations.
  • All Star Rents can provide you with bigger items, like margarita machines or cement mixers



Birthday cards can be found at most grocery stores, Bookstores, drug stores and gift shops. You can also make your own cards, but it should be noted that if you make one using free clip art on your computer, the card should be accompanied by a stellar gift (or a crisp $20 bill) so as to offset the appearance that you are a cheapskate.


See Florists.


See Candy.


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