2470 Bates Avenue, Concord, CA
M-F 3 PM to close
(925) 356-0120

Black Diamond Brewery is a regional brewery company located in Concord, CA. They serve 6 different styles of draft beer in their taproom and in many locations in and around Davis and Woodland. The flagship Belgian Blonde is a wonderful interpretation of a classic style.

Belgian Blonde - A light, smooth Blonde Ale with a distinct medium dry finish. Brewed with Belgian malts and yeast and European hop varieties. Exceptionally nuanced and flavorful for such a quaffble brew. Amber Ale - A malty deep amber colored ale with a smooth, full malt character; moderatly hopped with English malts and British Noble hops. India Pale Ale - A traditonal IPA, using English yeast, malt and hops, hoppy but balanced; unlike many American versions this IPA is well balanced with a great malt body under the hood. Hefeweizen - Using the traditional Weinstephan yeast strain this "Hefe" is effervescent and filled with flavors of banana, clove and citrus. As per all the traditional Bavarian style Hefeweizens, this one is lightly hopped to showcase the flavors of the spectacular yeast and the clean malt flavors. Pale Ale - Using a blend of English and American hops and malt this Pale Ale is very drinkable, with great balance and a smooth finish. Seasonal - Currently style is the BlackOut Stout -a traditional Irish Dry Stout- big and maltly up front with a great hop flavor in the middle followed by a long smooth finish.


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2008-02-16 11:32:34   hmmm, perhaps someone should go to the wikispot and make a concord wiki if one hasn't already been made... As much as my roomate loves him some good beer I fail to find relevance to Davis —StevenDaubert

2008-02-16 12:10:51   There's a Walnut Creek Wiki already, to which this is at least more proximal. Is this available anywhere in particular? If there were a list of a couple local places that served or sold it, it would be much more appropriate. It's a regional brewer, if it's available locally, it's much more likely to be appropriate on this wiki (versus another), imo. At the very least, there is rgb. —JabberWokky

2008-04-15 22:11:30   The "brewery" is just a small tap room (tasting room) in the front of a warehouse. There is a small bar with around 5 stools and about 4-5 tables. The decor sucked, but the beer was tasty. —ScottStanley