Black Family Week (BFW) is one of the SPAC Culture Days. According to the SPAC page, "Black Family Week at UC Davis is a week-long annual celebration of the various cultures of people of African descent. It presents programs that promote an awareness and understanding of the educational, social and artistic achievements of African people. The programs foster positive self-concept and cultural pride in members of the community as well as develop cultural and ethnic awareness/sensitivity in the broader Davis community."

2007 events included: workshops (hip-hop, resume workshop for African Americans), lectures (Malcolm X: Freedom Fighter or Terrorist, Cancer awareness), a ball, and much more.

On Saturday there is Black Family Day which has all-day events.

There has been some controversy due to an alleged increased police presence during BFW.


Black Family Week events kick off. Events to include film showing, workshop From Oakland to Davis Zion I Animates the Quad Letter to the Editor: Black Family Day more than performances