Woodland, sells at Davis Farmers Market
(530) 666-1349
John Bledsoe
Available at
Davis Farmers Market
Payment Methods
Cash, Davis Dollars

One of the farms in the Davis area, Bledsoe Pork sells natural, antibiotic-free pork, bacon and lamb.

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2008-03-04 09:57:47   I've had Bledsoe's pork and lamb and they are both incredible. I can't eat pork from the supermarket anymore because my tastebuds now know what good pork can taste like. —AcMach

2008-10-24 10:38:04   I can't say enough good things about Dan and John Bledsoe and their meat products. In addition to pork and lamb, they also now sell "100% nothin'" ground beef. It is all indescribably good. If you were born after @1960, you probably have never tasted real pork. The stuff from the supermarket does not begin to compare - no flavor, no texture, and full of chicken offal and other animal by-products, hormones and antibiotics. Bledsoe products are raised with "100% nothin'". None of the garbage. The animals are not confined. The beef are grass fed. The lambs are raised on their mothers' milk and grass. The porkers are fed seed meal. When Dan and John BLedsoe sell you a hunk of meat, they will even tell you how to cook it. Earlier this year, Dan and John Bledsoe sold "shares" in beef. We eagerly await our half-beef! The prices are right. You can't go wrong! Our Sunday family dinners `are about 80% built around Bledsoe products. —FreddieOakley

2010-02-28 19:17:38   I discovered Bledsoe at the Farmers Market and I keep coming back to buy pork chops and baby back ribs. Now even when I do not live in Davis anymore I sometimes make trips to Davis to buy his poultry. Its juicy, flavorful and more tender than what you can get out there. —SimonFung

2011-11-11 09:14:32   I have no experience cooking pork, but my first try at their pork tenderloin was AMAZING!! I have never had pork this good and the price is super-reasonable too. Right on!


2012-04-11 12:04:06   I love getting his bacon ends (the bits that couldn't be cut into nice strips of bacon). It's a great price. I chop them up into baggies and put them in the freezer, and then I can have superb bacon whenever I want. Thanks! —NicholasBarry