Blood Drives are often held by BloodSource. There are usually fun incentives for a pint of your human juice. A tee shirt mostly, with a pack of coupons, but sometimes you can get "Give a Pint, Get a Pint" where you'll get a free 12 oz. container of ice cream at Baskin Robbins. They also give free snacks to help you recuperate while you remain for the ten minute observation, including Fluffy Donuts. If you wish to hold a blood drive, contact BloodSource and they will be more than happy to provide you with information.

Donating Blood

To give blood you must weight over 110 pounds, and have a photo ID showing you are 17 years of age or older (or 16 with parental consent). You won't be allowed to donate if you've been feeling sick in the last 48 hours. Other restrictions, such as recent piercings or tattoos, will stop you from being able to donate. See BloodSource's FAQ for other restrictions.

A quick summary is that you may not give whole blood if you:

  • Have had hepatitis after age ten.
  • Have severe heart problems.
  • Are pregnant or have been pregnant in the last six weeks.
  • Visited a one of the foreign countries on a list provided at the testing site within a given time frame that verys between the countries
  • Are HIV positive or are classed by the FDA as being in a high risk group, defined as:
    • Having ever done illegal IV drugs.
    • Having hemophilia or other conditions that require treatment with clotting factors.
    • Being a man who had sex with another man after 1977.
    • Having had sex for money or drugs after 1977.
    • Having had sex with any individual who falls into any of the above four categories within the past 12 months.
    • Are donating blood in order to test yourself for HIV.
  • Had leukemia, melanoma or myeloma (other cancers are subject to various regulation; superficial or cancers in remission generally do not disqualify a person).

Places to Donate

  • Blood drives are held once a quarter and during each summer session at UC Davis. The fall, winter, and spring blood drives are held inside while the summer drives are held outside on the UCD Quad. The blood drives are held from 10am-5pm. Donors who have donated on campus are eligible to donate at the next drive, as they are spaced out eight weeks. The upcoming blood drives for 2011 are:
    • August 30th, 31st 10am-5pm on the West Quad
    • Causeway Classic! On November 1st, 2nd 10am-5pm in Freeborn Hall
    • January 24th, 25th 10am-5pm
    • April 17th, 18th 10am-5pm
  • BloodSource always accepts appointments and walk in donations.
  • The Co-op has four blood drives a year outside the store on Sunday afternoons (1 to 5 PM). The next drive is on November 20, 2011.

Causeway Classic Blood Drive

The Causeway Classic is an annual, friendly competition started in 2008 between UC Davis and Sacramento State to register the most donors and collect the most pints over two days. The Causeway Classic blood drive is held in late Novemeber and coincides with other competitions between the two schools including the football and hockey games. The winning school enjoys their name on a trophy and bragging rights for a year.

Year Winner 1 2011 Sac State 2012 Sac State * list incomplete


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2007-08-22 23:17:02   I think that banning gay men who have engaged in sexual activity once or more times since 1977 is just plain idiotic. They don't ban people from giving blood for having unprotected sex, however a commited monogomous couple that always practices safer sex can not donate. Actually there have been cases where gay men's blood/organs were refused and sick people died as a result (because the gay person had a very rare blood type, or were a very good match for the organ). It should also be noted that this is very specific to US law and most industialized countries do not have these restrictions —MattHh


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