The sky above Davis is often a beautiful pure blue thanks to the valley weather. The Aggie Logo features the school colors of Blue and Gold.

Blue is a color that is commonly found in Davis.

UC Davis Blue

  UC Davis Blue is officially Pantone (PMS) 295, aka "dark blue".
  Web color is officially #002666, but often #004b85 in practice.



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2006-07-19 22:48:09   Off with this page's head!!!! —KaiTing

2006-07-19 22:49:44   This is totally relevant to UC Davis. —SteveOstrowski

2006-07-19 23:11:33   This page is lame. It is not useful, interesting, or funny. —WilliamLewis

2006-07-19 23:13:34   Taking that attitude makes me feel sad and Blue. —JosephBleckman

2006-07-19 23:14:15   I think this page unecessary. The information about blue if indeed it is pertinent should be added to the respective pages such as Davis Senior High or Blue Bellied Fence Lizards. I'm Tangled up in Blue... —CarlosOverstreet

2006-07-19 23:23:14   I'd call it unnecessary and a good entry. It doesn't have great purpose, but it is growing into an interesting read. If a page like The California Aggie is an encyclopedia entry, this is a page from the book of trivia in the bathroom. Light and fun. Is there a place in the Wiki for that? I personally think it would be sad if there wasn't. If Davis can have the Ku Klux Klown and dominoes out in the greenbelt, then the Wiki should have a page on the color Blue. —JabberWokky

2006-07-19 23:35:46   Trivia is great. The line between trivia and useful information is thin and possibly in the eye of the beholder. Wikipedia is the single greatest source of trivia on the web, much better than any "trivia" site. Davis Wiki can be the single best source of Davis trivia on the web. It will not be the Wiki's most glamorous purpose, but it entirely positive and a celebration of Davis. Thank you for giving pages such as this a chance. —WillArnold

2006-07-19 23:37:33   Give it a chance? This thing is just gonna clutter up the search results. If some subject has some relationship to blue of one kind or another, put that information on the appropriate page. Please, please, somebody axe this. —WilliamLewis

  • I feel that way about the pronunciation entry, but not this one. Not sure why, it's purely aesthetic... maybe because Blue and Davis are associated in so many ways. — JabberWokky

2006-07-25 15:19:07   I like how it says that blue is a color that exists in Davis... as if there was any question. But does cerulean exist in Davis??KarlMogel

2007-06-23 11:28:38   long live the color blue. (and its wiki page.) —PxlAted

2007-07-11 01:20:05   Early in this wiki's development, the question loomed large— what material is appropriate to Davis Wiki? Two main schools of thought existed: (1) anything that is from a Davis perspective is relevant, because in the economy of ideas, the most relevant information will always be identifiable [smart(er) search engine may be required], and the more the better AND (2) only things in Davis are fair game, and such entries must be useful. I think that idea (2) has become the de-facto model used by most page-deleters, but of course, the delete-minded users do not represent the community at large... idea (1) makes sense from a certain perspective, but there are perhaps not enough users to hitting enough of the content to keep it fresh— so perhaps there is some benefit to arguing for a more cogent, easier to nurture set of content. I'm honestly not longer as sure as I used to be, although I'm fighting to hold onto idea (1). —JaimeRaba

2007-09-13 11:50:37   Nobody has edited this page in a while. I guess that makes it moldy, more like bleu cheese. Athough that's more green.. —ScottWeintraub

2009-04-01 12:21:51   So last year in Cuarto, there was this blue dust or lint everywhere, from the desks to the bathrooms. I figured it was from people's bedsheets, but they are around even in apartments without any blue things. Where does it all come from? —hankim

2010-12-10 09:28:16   @hankim: Your Aggie Blue spirit duh! lol —jwieland1989