805 and 819 H Street (across from the train tracks)

The Boardwalk is an 8-unit townhome complex located in 2 buildings at 805 and 819 H Street. These apartments were built on the former site of a plant nursery: Davis Nursery, a retail nursery owned by the Basinger family for more than 40 years. There is a unique gold-tipped variety of Deodar cedar in front (visible in the photo above) which was planted by nursery owner Tom Basinger. The apartments are located directly across the street from the freight train tracks. The freight train comes by a few times each day (much less frequently than Amtrak), typically only during daylight hours. The complex is close to bus lines, bike routes, markets, restaurants, and shopping centers. It's about 10 blocks from UCD campus.

The townhomes have either 3 or 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms (depending on the unit). All units have: energy efficient features (i.e. soundproof dual-pane windows, high-grade insulation walls, new appliances), individual indoor washer & dryer, walk-in closets, heating & air conditioning, hi-speed internet (Cat-5) wire to every room, private covered porch area, mature trees, and unassigned parking in a lot. Overflow parking can generally be found in the street.

The following rates were listed here by a Boardwalk Apartments representative:

In 2010, base rent was between $2,000 to $2,600 per month. Rent includes 1-2 parking spots per apartment and city utilities (water, sewer & trash).

However, comments below indicate that management in fact demands additional monthly payments for utilities and for dedicated parking spots, a few of which are covered garage spots. Consider yourself warned.

To learn more about rental housing in Davis, check out our Housing Guide as well as our Apartments pages.


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2015-09-25 13:55:02  The following post is my opinion of my experience at 805 H St. Apt #13: On move in day, the town home #13 at 805 h st had lots holes in the walls, the handrail was hanging off the wall, there was lots of stains in the carpet, a couple of holes in the carpet, some of the closet doors were off the rails, the windows, floors, and kitchen had not been cleaned (even though Ali, the landlord/owner insisted they were professionally cleaned), and the carpet cleaner arrived at the same time as I did o the movers I hired couldn't put anything in my room. Admittedly, Ali did compensate us a little for this by prorating 1 days rent and was apologetic about the state of the place upon arrival. But, during a walk through with him voicing my complaints about the state of the town house he became combative very quickly all while assuring me that he had noted all the damages. I felt that maybe this is not his fault and that the previous tenants were to blame. On move out day he did a walk through with us where he proceeded to blame us for the holes in the carpet and having dirty window sills taking portions of our deposit. California law specifically allows the landlord to use a tenant's security deposit for four purposes: For unpaid rent; For cleaning the rental unit when the tenant moves out, but only to make the unit as clean as it was when the tenant first moved in;214 For repair of damages, other than normal wear and tear, caused by the tenant or the tenant's guests; and If the lease or rental agreement allows it, for the cost of restoring or replacing furniture, furnishings, or other items of personal property (including keys), other than because of normal wear and tear. —tknelson

2016-01-30 14:33:19   The landlord Ali is a complete airhead and has no idea how to manage an apartment complex. More than 3 times in my year living here he has messaged the wrong until about tours and shown up in the morning, 2 hours early, to the wrong unit, and expected to tour the place. In my experience, and as well as the experience of my female neighbors, he will frequently enter the apartment without warning in the mornings in an attempt to fix something, and interrupted multiple people changing. (oh and the things he was there to fix, didn't actually get fixed). One of my neighbors was moving into their place on 9/1, and it was completely disgusting. They brought it up with Ali, and he said that the place had been professionally cleaned, which was complete and utter bullshit. The previous tenants moved out that morning and nothing had been cleaned at all. He said the whole deposit had been used and that they would need to clean the rest. Oh, and he threatened to sue a tenant if they left a bad review on this site. To put it shortly, this guy is a slimy airhead and you are better off renting somewhere else.
Oh and all the comments praising him above are almost certainly him. 


2018-09-04 19:01:52   I can't even begin to say enough bad things about the landlord, Alan. He is so stupid it hurts to argue with him. I lived there for three years and only in the very last 6 months of living there did we have issues with him. Before these issues he was honestly an amazing landlord. If we ever had any issues or something was broken, he would resolve the issues the day of contacting him or one or two days later. He was great at responding and was always on it. However, once the issues began he no longer was helpful. He used his power to intimidate and threaten us, when he really had no grounds to do so. Let me be clear that there is NOTHING that I or my roomates did that was in any way illegal or violating the lease or any addendums to the lease. Issues began when Alan began to try to enforce rules that weren't on the lease or part of any local rental laws. He thinks he can make up rules. He often refers to something called the "Davis Model Lease," believing that this lease outlines local rental laws. This is not the case. If you live at boardwalk apartments or any property of his I reccomend you read your lease in detail if you haven't. We informed Alan that nothing we were doing was actually violating the lease. He didn't like this and kept bothering us for weeks. Back and forth talking for several weeks continued and he tried to charge us a ludicrous amount of money. We did not pay because he had no grounds to charge us and we did nothing wrong. Eventually we ended up ignoring him and he stopped bothering us. Either he knew he was in the wrong, he figured out that if he tried to evict us it would be more money than us just staying the remainder of the lease, or he got tired and gave up. Even though my roommates and I knew we weren't doing anything wrong it was incredibly stressful and time consuming to have our landlord bother us contstantly for weeks. It was scary to have him: essentially bully his way into our house without giving us 24 hrs notice of entering our apartment, yell at us, email us angry emails at 3 am, watch over/spy on us and try to confront us in person about the issue, and threaten to evict us. We're college students. We barely have time to take care of ourselves let alone deal with a terrible landlord. We ended up having to seek legal help. The lawyer told us what we already knew, we weren't doing anything wrong. We got a cease and desist written from the lawyer, but for some reason did not make him stop bothering us. The funniest part of it all is that Alan was the only person breaking the lease. Every lease includes something called coventant of quiet enjoyment. This basically says your landlord can't bother you all the time if you're not doing anything wrong. Alan was definitely breaking this part of the lease, along with other things. The only real vermin of board walk apartments is the landlord. Alan, I hope you and all your future tenants read this. What made you snap and go from a helpful guy to a bully is beyond me. Either something is really wrong with you, which would be very unfortunate and I hope you get the help you need, or you're just a terrible person. To be honest I think the latter is the case. I've talked about you with many other tentants of yours from boardwalk apartments and they all say the same thing: you're a bad guy. Either way I am just happy to know that all that effort you put into bothering us was worthless, and the only thing you got from us was this ruthless review. Thanks for everything Dr. Ali Ghorbanzadeh Ph.D. PE. —BlairConklin