Boat Race is a drinking game, the best drinking game.

What you need:

  • 2 teams of equal size. It is usually fair to include girls depending on the team sizes.
  • A full cup of beer. 16 oz. preferably.
  • Table optional

To play:

  • Each person must have a full cup of beer
  • To start, the first people must cheers their cups and go
  • Each person must chug their beer as fast as they can
  • Once empty, the cup must go upside down on top of the players head
  • The next player must not start until the cup is over the previous teammates head.

Winners Corner

The SOS team is the unofficial champion of boat racing in Davis and amongst other groups.

  • Fastest recorded time: 48 seconds with 7 guys and 3 girls.

Ryan Doody, Dan Munn, and Uni Dave have all been known to be the fastest chuggers in Davis