6436 Fair Oaks Blvd, Carmichael 95608
Sunday 10am — 4pm
Monday 11am — 5pm
Tues-Thurs 10am — 6:30pm
Friday 10am — 2pm
Closed on Saturdays
(916) 482-6884

While it is located in greater Sacramento, Bob's is the closest butcher that is certified kosher. The nearest kosher butcher after that is in Oakland. They may also be the only local supplier of celery flavored Dr. Brown's soda.

Bob's is pretty small, but has a deli counter, groceries, and a few, maybe ten, seats. As with all specialty markets, check the dates on all products. Its likely you're the first person in two years to purchase a given product.

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  • Wow! Someone besides me thought this was important enough to list here. What makes Bob's so interesting to you? — KenBloom
  • Its a link on the Ethnic Markets page I just created. As a native Long Islander, I get cravings for jewish food very often and try to hit this place when I can. I once drove 30 minutes to Bob's, only to realize it was a Saturday. Oops!— CraigBrozinsky
  • Thanks! I've been looking for a good Jewish deli since I moved to California. Next time I head to Sac, this is a absolute must stop. — JabberWokky, who worked in Boca Raton, FL.
  • If you want a good sitdown Jewish Deli/Restaurant, I would recommend you go to Saul's in Berkeley. They've got excellent pastrami. — CraigBrozinsky