Located at 720 Anderson, the house is affectionately referred to as the Bomb Shelter or simply 720. While this may seem like merely a nickname, the house does sport what seems like a genuine bomb shelter in the back yard.

A brief History of 720 Anderson:

As far as nicknames go, this house was simply 720 long before anyone knew there was a bomb shelter in the back yard. In 2001 it was inhabited by 6 college-age men (among them, Brendan, Brett, Otis, and RishiTrivedi) who were all connected by a dorm floor: Gilmore 5 - 2000. Initially some of the 720ers got word from a neighbor that there was a bomb shelter in the back yard.

One day while dealing with a fine from the city, DanMasiel and WillKaufman decided to look up all the building permits for 720. To their amazement they discovered that, in fact, in 1962 a bomb shelter was built in the backyard, although its location was not revealed on the permit. In 2003, a new member of the household named Dan (whose picture can be seen at the bottom of the Delta of Venus page), moved into 720 bringing with him nothing more than a sleeping bag and large quantities of alcohol. Late that summer, Dan began digging four foot deep holes in the backyard of 720. On his third hole he hit concrete, and after a long and lazy excavation (sadly interrupted by the rainy season), a concrete covered hatch was discovered. After breaking up the concrete with a sledge hammer, a deep dark hole was revealed. Within that hole was about a foot of filthy standing water and a time capsule. The contents of that time capsule will be revealed in the much anticipated MONUMENT?.

On September 8th, 2005, Jack Rose and Marrisa Nadler's solo performances in the bomb shelter were broadcasted live over the KDVS airwaves. The backyard fallout shelter has hosted performances by Josephine Foster, Obo Martin, Nick Castro, Arrington de Dionyso, Scott Rosenberg, Jacopo Andrienni, Whysp, Pumice, The Finches, Sean Smith, Chad Stockdale, Patrick Ferris, Garrett Pierce, The Playboy Millionaires, Underground Underwater, amongst others. This unique, intimate, space filled with natural reverb is helping to put Davis on the national radar as an eccentric music scene. For bomb shelter show announcements, listen to KDVS radio. KDVS has a live recording of Josephine Foster playing in the bomb shelter.

(above picture is taken from Garrett Pierce's site; photo by gonzalo)

For a list of current residents, go to the 720 page.

StevenDaubert Says that 720 isn't the only house in Davis to have a bomb shelter, there is another house just down the road that has one as well.