What: An internet community for people the world over with a love of books

Who: 608,777 Members globally, 276 in Davis


The general idea of Bookcrossing is to read and release books into the "wild" for others to find, who then do likewise. Books are registered on the website, http://www.bookcrossing.com, and given a Book Crossing ID number, or BCID, which is then written or affixed onto the books. Those who find the books are then encouraged to log them onto the website, so the person who released can track it and know that it has been found! Logging in a book only takes a few seconds and can be anonymous, no member registration or anything is required. Common release areas include park benches, restaurants, and coffee shops.

Logging in books is absolutely FREE, with no obligation or or personal information required. Member registration is free of charge or obligation to continue.

There is an official Crossing Zone at Common Grounds, making it a good place to drop/acquire new reads.

It's no surprise that hoopie towns like Davis have several members, while some places (entire countries on occasion) have a lone bookcrosser.

Why? To make the world a library, encourage people who normally wouldn't to read, and to pass on good works of literature to others.

Please, if you find a book, do a favor and log it in or put it somewhere cool where it will be found by someone who might read it.


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2007-02-01 21:58:49   I once found a book inside one of the pillars in front of Dutton hall! The book was lame, but the drop spot was perfect! —AynReyes

2008-12-27 10:50:53   I keep getting people running up to me to catch me so they can return the book I "left behind." It's sorta discouraging... —SunjeetBaadkar

2008-12-29 19:51:40   I leave a post-it on the cover that says "FREE BOOK - I'm not lost". That might help. If not, try to drop it when no one is looking :) —AllisonEriksen