Boss the Big Bit was a Davis band started in April 2005. Membership consisted of Teddy Briggs, Andrew Bell, and Gonzalo Eyzaguirre. Their music is described as an eclectic mix of electronic-indie-Nintendo goodness. They usually had drums (or drum machine), keyboards, guitar, and vocals. They were a fun party band and their song "Black Box" was high on the KDVS charts for Summer 2005, mostly because they band was friends with a lot of DJs but also because they rocked so hard. They released an album through KDVS Recordings in 2007. They played local venues such at The Turtle House, Delta of Venus, Plainfield Station for ORMF, and Fools Foundation in Sacramento. They were written about in publications such as SN&R and most likely The California Aggie. Other local acts involving BtBB members include Appetite, Chief Briggum, GnarToon, and GSquared.




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Video footage

• the band at ORMF: footage

Live In Studio A freestyle: footage


• Audiographer blog

• Sacramento News & Review article



5/14/?? at Teddy and Andrew's Old Place




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2005-04-26 19:27:57   I think the next show will be the weekend after Whole Earth Festival. Who took these sweet photos and made this page? —AndrewBell

I believe RobRoy did! Psst...someone should post a show schedule. —YawenChen

We are scheduled to play 4th of JUly @ Mick Mucus' house. (Tentative) Be prepared for a three song demo CD. I love our band. —TeddyBriggs

2005-11-18 03:37:04   these guys totally rocked my ass. plus the jumpsuits were totally awesome. —NathanDodd

2006-04-27 00:11:46   I like 1400 Calories a lot —BrianAng

2006-07-26 19:45:48   I have to say that 1400 Calories was pretty awesome too. —DatNguyen