Bossie Cow Cow is one of the cheers used mainly by the Aggie Band. Also, a little dance goes with it, but it can't be described with common words, so to witness it, just keep an eye on the Band-uh at football games. The cow referenced in the cheer developed into a full-fledged character (AKA Hamburger Patty), and in the 1990s, many students wanted Bossy to replace the mustang as the official UCD mascot, much to the chagrin of older alumni.

Bossy Cow Cow

Bossy Cow-Cow 
Honey Bee-Bee
Oleo Margarine
Oleo Butterine
Alfalfa Hay!!

It's an adaptation of an old Berkeley cheer (remember, UC Davis used to be part of Cal) that went:

"Oski Wow-Wow! / Whiskey Wee-Wee! / Olee! Muckie-eye! / Olee! Berkeley-eye! / California! Wow!"

Bossie Cow Cow was first introduced in 1926 at the football game against College of the Pacific. The history of the cheer can be found on The Oski Yell and on the UC Davis Spirit Squad history page.

Each year at the Picnic Day Admin Luncheon, the university and city's top leaders recite and dance to this song.

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