These people (they can be women too!) kick your butt for misbehaving/or being too drunk (stumbling, passing out, throwing up) at bars. And they take your money and make sure you don't have fake ID's.

Once your fake ID is confiscated, just leave, if you pester the bouncers to try to get it back, the Davis Police Department may be called..

Attacking a bouncer is one of the stupidest things a person can do. Not only will you anger the bouncer cause he has to stop discussing his AWESOME bouncer judo with all other bouncers, he will attempt to fight back, and then all the other bouncers will pounce upon you and fight (read reasonable defend themselves cause a working somewhere make 242 p.c. not apply) you as well. You will be arrested for battery when they lie about everything that goes down. If you get kicked out of a bar, let it slide and just go to another bar ...

Seriously thou, don't act a fool, maintain composure, and bouncers will usually have nothing but a scowly version of love for you