inside the The Silo on campus
Monday - Thursday 7:00am - 8:00pm
Friday 7:00am - 5:30pm
Saturday - Sunday Closed

Brenan's Starbucks was a cafe inside of the Silo that served Starbucks drinks. They had the various coffee drinks found at Starbucks: espressos, lattes, mochas and more, including Frappuccinos and other seasonal favorites. They also carried cookies, pastries, and baked goods, desserts, and hot breakfast sandwiches or wraps.

Up until 2011 Brenan's was a cafe run by Sodexo that only served a limited selection of Starbucks drinks. Brewed coffee and cups were self serve, and they didn't take Starbucks cards. After renovations to the Silo in 2011, the cafe was replaced by a full-service licensed Starbucks location that serves a complete menu of Starbucks drinks and food. The new licensed Starbucks cafe accepts Starbucks gift cards and fully honor the Rewards program if your card is registered. Though the staff are Sodexo/university employees, they wear Starbucks uniforms and have been trained by Starbucks to adhere to Starbucks standards.

There is no free Starbucks WiFi at this location, but there is moobilenet. You can tell the difference between licensed Starbucks stores and corporate run Starbucks stores due to the fact that corporate Starbucks stores provide free WiFi through the Starbucks WiFi network.


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