Brendan Chang was a candidate in the  Fall 2014 ASUCD Election running with the SMART slate and a candidate in the Winter 2016 ASUCD Election running with the LEAD slate

Brendan transferred from Sierra College in Rocklin. He was a double major in English and Statistics.  He joined ASUCD Outreach Assembly before registering for classes, and was part of his student government before transferring. He was formerly an intern for ASUCD senator Roman Rivilis and a features writer for The California Aggie. He 6th transfer student to become an ASUCD Senator.

Brendan created the first ever Transfer, Re-entry, and Veterans Committee for ASUCD. This was the first time ASUCD had ever had any substance towards non-traditional student needs.




Winter 2016 Candidate Statement 


How are you Aggies? I’m Brendan Chang! I am a 2nd year transfer student from Sierra College, double majoring in English and Statistics, and I want to be your ASUCD Senator again! Throughout my time working with students and being involved in many different aspects of extracurriculars, I gained a unique knowledge and perspective on the diverse student body. I've been paying attention to what you all want as students. I know how some of you want the microwave back in Olson, and how many of you think it's important that the tutors in the Student Academic Success Center have proper ESL training. My experiences at my community college and here at Davis have helped me realize I have a true passion to help students.

I am running with L.E.A.D. - Leadership, Empowerment, Activism, Diversity - because I feel there should be complete transparency as well as equitable representation in ASUCD.

In my one quarter as an ASUCD Senator last fall, I accomplished a lot: I passed a Renter’s Rights Resolution; got LGBTIQ Housing available for transfer students; I also created the Transfer, Re-Entry, and Veterans Committee. My time as a senator helped me realize how these minor changes could make a significant difference to certain individuals and would like to carry that forward on the table again.

Unlimited Syllabi Access

I am currently working with Academic Affairs Commision to make previous course syllabi publicly available for students that is stored in Dutton. Students should have the right to look at how previous classes were taught and ran, as well as see how a professor designs their courses before signing up. We can also look at class schedules and plan our quarter accordingly! I will be the voice for academic students!

Tampons and Pads in Bathrooms

Not many students know that tampons are actually free at the Women's Resource & Research Center. However, their donor is unreliable and the center is forced to buy tampons to keep them in stock. I'm working with the Women's Resource Center to make tampons and pads available and free across campus by finding a co-sponsor and another outside donor. I think menstrual products should be just as accessible as condoms are. I will advocate for all students!

Transfer, Re-Entry and Veterans Representative

25% of the campus consists of transfer students and only five people out of this 25% have been senators in ASUCD. We are not properly represented in the ASUCD and this must change! I want to represent transfer students and assist the committee I made as a senator, as well as create a TRV Representative position in ASUCD who is elected by transfers for transfers. I made this committee to make changes like that and I will continue to do so as an ASUCD Senator. I will be the voice for transfer students!

So remember to vote me, Brendan Chang, #1 for ASUCD Senate, LEAD #2-5, and Elijah Pipersburg & Lauren Kong #1 for Exec! Let’s bring change to UC Davis together!


Fall 2014 Candidate Statement  



How are you Aggies? I’m Brendan Chang! I am a transfer student from Sierra College, originally from Modesto, double majoring in Mathematics and Statistics, and I want to be your next ASUCD Senator! Before even stepping foot onto this beautiful campus, I immediately jumped at the chance to help students find their place at Davis by joining Outreach Assembly. Since then, I have planned events such as the Dorm Fair for first-years and promoting student involvement on campus. I truly enjoy tutoring other students because I am able to contribute my knowledge to support their academics and also learn from my students. I am thankful for the opportunities to work with and for my peers at UC Davis, and this is what I hope to continue as a Senator.

I’m running with S.M.A.R.T. - Students Matter: Activism, Retention, Teamwork - because I truly believe in the power of all student voices.

As the Director of Programs at the Associated Students, I reviewed California Community College Legislation, organized campus wide events, and managed the funding and administration for clubs and organizations. In addition, I wrote for the Sierra Independent Press and served as their Public Relations Officer. I served as the Associate Editor for the Sierra Journal, an annual literary publication, where I was quickly promoted to Editor-in-Chief. I have also been involved in the following campus clubs: STOP (Students Taking On Poverty), Beyond Diversity, World Impact, First Year Experience, and Tutoring Club.

Expand Tutoring Services

As a tutor, I support dozens of students achieve their academic goals as well as pursue their life passions. At my previous college, I started a tutoring program where tutors worked directly with university professors to best meet the needs of their students. Students who participated in my tutoring program averaged a final grade of 91%, which was a two letter grade increase from their previous term. Within its first year, I helped the program grow from 22 students to its current capacity of 133 students. The tutoring services are very limited here on campus due to budget constraints. Students should be able to access help in their classes to get the grade they are working toward. I will work to increase funding for the Student Academic Success Center to hire more tutors for more majors. I will be the voice for those who need assistance in their classes!

Redesign Transfer Resources

Only 50% of students who transfer to UC Davis graduate within two years. With tuition only increasing, students are trying to graduate in a timely manner. Only because I joined Outreach Assembly right after I was accepted to Davis did I feel comfortable about navigating such a decentralized campus and academic system. Imagine not being aware of resources such as computer labs, the Student Community Center, and even tutoring services. None of this was covered in transfer orientation! The information given to us was what the university wanted us to know, but not we as students need to know. I will work with the appropriate campus partners to (1) revamp Transfer Orientation and (2) publish a handbook designed by and for transfer students to use throughout their time at UC Davis to better navigate this community and much more. I will be the voice for transfer students!

My experiences have been inspiring, motivating, and uplifting. They have helped me to grow as a person and encouraged me to work harder. So vote for me, Brendan Chang #1, and let’s bring change to UC Davis together. Remember to vote S.M.A.R.T. #2-4!



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