Brendan Repicky is an ASUCD Senator who was elected in the Winter 2011 ASUCD Election running on the BOLD slate.

Brendan is a 3rd year Political Science and History double major from Martinez, California. He's served on the External Affairs Commission for over a year and co-founded the Aggie Public Arts Committee last spring. He also volunteers for UC Davis Camp Kesem and works at the Coffee House.

Candidate Statement

Hi fellow Aggies. I’m running for ASUCD Senate for one fundamental reason: I love UC Davis and I want to see our Association more profoundly impact student lives. It frustrates me to see people run for senate that have little experience and even fewer ideas. We can create more student jobs, more effectively advocate for students, invest our revenue back into student programs, and make our campus more sustainable.

ASUCD TEXTBOOK SCHOLARSHIP: Through this program, ASUCD would provide grants for students to purchase their textbooks at the bookstore. At the end of the quarter books purchased with the scholarship would be returned to ASUCD and over future quarters would be rented or sold to students at a price lower than what the bookstore can offer. The program would require an initial investment that we could provide by making the ASUCD Book Exchange more efficient, but could be partially funded from sales revenues and would impact hundreds of students per quarter.

MORE FLEXIBLE PARKING OPTIONS: My overall goal is to make it easier for students to drive to campus in order to study late at the library or attend club meetings, intramural sports, and other events. I’ve met with the Director of TAPS and am exploring more affordable parking options for students who have occasional evening events or don’t often drive to campus and thus can’t warrant buying a full-priced parking permit.

ASUCD GREEN STORE: I want to bring green products to the ASUCD Aggie Student Store in order to help students be more environmentally friendly and invest money back into our association. We could offer compostable or recyclable cups & plates, green power strips, reusable bags, and a multitude of other items and sell them at the Student Store at competitive prices. It’s a low risk investment that would continue to send ASUCD towards our zero-waste goal and has the potential to provide money to other student activities.

The simple truth is that if our student government doesn’t look at the big picture, and fails to do the straightforward things that can impact ordinary Aggies, we’ve fundamentally failed at our jobs. I’m running with BOLD because we need senators that will tackle consistent problems with new approaches and bolder ideas.

I’m asking for your vote because I love our campus and community—and with your support, I’m willing to work hard to make all of our Aggie experiences better. On February 16th and 17th, be BOLD, and join our campaign for a better Davis.

> Please vote for Brendan #1, my fellow BOLD candidates #2-6, and Adam Thongsavat and Bree Rombi for President and Vice-President.

Thank you, and Go Ags!


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2011-02-01 18:24:08   el oh el. parking. —MattBlair

2011-02-01 19:42:23   But in all honesty, these are some of the most laughable ideas i've seen in a while. —MattBlair

2011-02-02 09:53:49   Really Matt? These actually represent some tangible ideas that can help students and the association—good to know you think that's funny. —nsidney