Jeanne and Kieth Brewer

Dr. Kieth Brewer, MD and Dr. Jeanne Brewer, DMD own and rent some properties in Davis.


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2010-09-22 15:08:59   I can't speak for her as a dentist, but as a former tenant at one of her properties I think she is an awful landlord. We moved into her and her husband's death trap of a house and dealt with an out of control bug problem (cockroaches, moths, moth larva all over the kitchen, mites from the filth etc), a clothes dryer that stained and destroyed hundreds of dollars worth of clothes, a busted heater, and broken locks. The house was literally in a state of squalor when we moved in because of their years of neglect. There was furniture left on the backside of our property from God knows who and we asked them repeatedly throughout the year to please remove it. Of course it never happened and we were actually charged for its disposal at the end of the year. It is to my understanding that most landlords clean their property prior to a new tenant's arrival but we moved straight into the previous tenant's filth. We called with complaints numerous times, and rarely received professional maintenance assistance. Her husband would drop by and attempt home remedies (windexing the inside of a dryer is not what I called a solution). While the old tenant received their full deposit, we only recently got back half because our constant pestering finally persuaded them to to be responsible.... However, they financed what they should have maintained all along at our expense by taking most of our deposit. I apologize for posting this here- I would post this on a separate page for their "property leasing" services if they had one, but they do not. All I know is, I would not want someone with such poor standards of cleanliness to be putting their hands in my mouth. On a more relevant note, I visited her a office several times to drop off rent checks. On one occasion, there was a dead cockroach on the receptionist counter..I'd question who I was seeking my medical attention from. —FormerTenant