Brian is the creator, owner and sole resident of the famous Human Powered Housing Project. He's a really friendly guy and is a great person to strike up a conversation with. He's quite intelligent, after all he did conceive, engineer, and fabricate his own movable house! He claims to be an "intergalactic refugee", though some may doubt this. He's a regular at Cafe Roma where he sometimes plays the piano for hours on end while his House sits parked outside.

Brian comes and goes. Heck, if your house was movable, would you keep it in one spot? No. Brian is often around Davis but he does travel near and far. Sometimes he goes on his spiffy bike but it does also get loaded in a truck on occasion. Recently, Brian took a trip down and back to somewhere in Mexico. In Vacaville, they let local school kids create their own newspaper once or twice a year, The Campus Star. Anyway, one kid wrote about Brian and his bike when he was living outside of the Vacaville or Fairfield Target in early 2005.

This aggie article from 2003 contains a bio of Brian.


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  • One time I was in the backyard of the Charred Dog House at a House Show when I start talking to Brian. He starts talking about movies and TV shows that I have no idea about. And I realize how out of it I am for not watching TV when a guy that lives in his bike knows more about TV than I do. - RobRoy

2006-01-09 21:01:48   I first read about Brian in the Car Free Times long before I had heard of Davis, and I admired him as a hero and a visionary. Then one day after I moved here, I met him in the flesh, and with my admiration intact, now believe him to indeed be an intergalactic refugee, much like the red rain that came to earth in 2001 in Kerala, India. —ChrisCongleton

2006-04-05 17:07:32   I talked to Brian today outside of Aggie Liquors. He said he's heading to Minnesota in a day or two and not likely to return to Davis. If you see him, give him a big goodbye. Truly a unique Davis character and will be missed. —GrumpyoldGeek

2006-10-16 09:05:58   BonnieStewart sighted Brian and his house/bike on highway 101 near Garberville a couple of weeks ago. —JimStewart

2009-09-16 02:24:42   Brian came through Portland, OR in August, 2009

2010-01-26 08:46:58   This from yesterday...

>> Was disheartened yesterday to see Brian Campbell's lot empty, his new trailer smashed, and no sign of him or his RV bike. 15 hrs ago < < —TedBuehler