These are reviews from Brisa Villas prior to the management change in 2010.

2005-06-24 02:40:32   having lots of plants outside means lots of bugs get inside and crawl all over the place —JohnWong

2006-02-24 06:54:15   Slow to fix things at the beginning of the year. No one knows what's going on in the office at all. Generally nice place, huge roofs on one stories so it would be inefficent to heat up. Back yard nice (full of rocks), although when the leaves fall in fall you may need to get a rake and get rid of them so you don't have a large compost pile. They do yard work at 7am every Tuesday morning. Very sharable rooms, bathroom- nice. No bugs or rodents that we know of. —ChristyMarsden

2006-11-06 14:42:58   How is the neighborhood? Noisy? Sketchy? —DanielSheeter

Okay, just a journal post with comments about this place that someone made, I would integrate them, but not having lived here, being tired and such, I rather leave it to some gnome. Enjoy.

2007-05-11 13:46:23   The management for Brisa is joined with Sorrento and Avalon, and is absolutely terrible. (I'm posting anonymously because I am still under lease with them and would rather not further my household's maltreatment. My household has a bunch of friends in our neighborhood, who all feel similarly and have had similar problems with the management.) The manager, Linda, speaks to her tenants in an extremely undermining tone, and for a while, her assistant (another lady) was a lot nicer, but now they've both seemed to take on the same demeanor. When you put in a report for something, they don't give you a date for when your problem will be taken care of, and more often than not, if you don't follow up with them, it will never get done. Some tenants have had to send every member of their household to follow up on the management in order for something to get done.

They seem to have no concern with the safety of their tenants. Several tenants have reported black widows inside their houses and have asked for intervention, and the manager, Linda, replies, "Oh, well, we have spiders, too." Wow, what an uneducated reply. They also have a lack of respect for tenants' desire for privacy. Some tenants do not give permission to enter, and the management replies to that request with even further prolonging of attention to problems, blaming the fact that the tenants don't give permission to enter and they need to be able to enter whenever is most convenient for them (hence the reason for not setting schedules and dates for repairs). On top of that, on several occasions, when they do give their tenants a date of entry, more often than not, they do not show up, or they give an absurd window of time that staff will arrive e.g. between 9am and 5pm.

Also note serious bug problems: when I first moved in, we had a serious ant problem, and every spring when the weeds grow in around our house, we always have a serious spider problem, so you need to hassle the management to have the front and backyard cleaned. Honestly, the only reason I am still under lease with them is because my housemates and I like the location and would rather not move for our last year at UCD. Most of the houses are right off of the park, which is nice if you like to play tennis, have bbqs, etc. My advice would be to look somewhere else, wait until the management changes, or be prepared to fix a lot of things yourself. —AnonymousTenant

I am Linda and I am sorry that my efforts have not been satisfactory to you and your roommates.

I admit I was not a responsive to your spider concern as I could have been. Spiders, like ants, are a seasonal occurrence in Davis. That is not an excuse, please accept my apology and be assured, based in part on your comments, that we now offer the option for interior professional treatment of these insects upon a resident's request.

We make every effort to respond to maintenance requests within 24 hours of receipt. Some delay is conceivable because we do prioritize our responses so that, for example, a new water leak would take precedent over a previously scheduled light bulb or filter replacement.

We do respect our residents' privacy and that is one reason why we will not enter a house without permission.

Again, I offer my apologies and, I will work on my tone. Thanks for the comment.

I am pleased that you like the location.

- Linda Rogers

Community Manager

2009-02-05 00:44:55   I have lived at Brisas for quite a while, and i must say the complaints below are exaggerated, the houses are beautiful and cheap, management is awesome they'll help you out with almost anything you need. I also hear that this guy named Peter is gonna live in Brisas and he's the sexiest man alive. —championsleague

2009-02-05 00:45:59   he has a big penis too —championsleague

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2009-06-30 20:47:01   I enjoy living here, its peaceful and quiet. I just wished we had some sort of study lounge with a giant white board and desks, because I feel like other apartment complexes have amenities like that with a pool table, etc. —MissAmyQ

2010-04-06 17:41:39   The house and location themselves are very nice and quiet. Right accross the bus stop and a large park. But as for amenities there is virtually none. I'm saying this because even with the pool and small gym, I don't see how they expect it'd be suffient for use by three complexes. (well nevermind the gym; it's so under equiped that no one really goes there.)

Other than that, I'm kinda iffy on the management. And it's not because of the prompt and timely maintenance services (which is a plus), but because even after more than half the year, they still cannot get my name right (and my name is a common american name.) I corrected them over ten times and instead of erasing the mistakes, they just tacked on another different name to every notice they give out. So as far as I know, they still think I'm one of five imaginary people. —kiddmit3

2010-05-08 14:00:47   Have lived at brisa for 3 years now and overall its been a pretty good experience, I definitely recommend. Special shout out to Baker at the management office, he has been the best at helping us with any issues/problems we've had, including finding us a roommate. —youngkells

2010-05-08 14:47:53   i have lived at brisa for two years and i have nothing but positive things to say about the management during my time here. I would like to extend a special thanks to Baker in the management office as he has been especially helpful and professional and always makes sure if we have a problem in our apartment it is promptly taken care of. —ukes425

2010-06-28 12:32:01   I'll be living in brisa next year and I'm trying to plan out my furniture. does anyone know where to find the measurements of each room? or at least a more detailed floorplan? —skepticisms

Glad you choose Brisa. Floor plans are available on our website at If you need any dimensions not listed on the

floor plan call me, Baker, at 530-758-2662. Also, if you are in town and it would help to look inside a house let me know.

2010-09-18 23:40:18   Okay, let me just say that I'm glad to have finally moved out from this place.

Just recently did I receive my $8 security deposit back. That's right, eight dollars. But hold up, it's not even mine because again, management can't get my name right (even though I already corrected their mistake for the 18th time!)

From my experience, I DO NOT RECOMMEND Brisa to anyone who wants decent management. They are very unprofessional. They don't care about any problems related to your living situations (i.e dirty housemates, broken doors, and even rats.) All they care about is whether or not you have cash to milk dry.

Even though they are not legally bounded to help in house affairs, management should take a proactive role especially when they are informed of housemates who cause reckless damage such as punching holes in walls and breaking doors. You may think that Brisa would be concerned with such violent behavior, but upon notice, Brisa only asked if we had the money to pay for damages. Apparently, the manager, herself, understands this to be "normal" college student behavior. Oh, and two or three rats are no big deal either.

Don't get sucked in by the model home or location, it may appear great but the poor management is not worth the hefty rent nor the long weeks with a broken door.

*Also, just a heads ups, if you already signed the lease, take pictures! Management may unnecessarily repaint your whole apartment/townhouse for $600.


First, we were very concerned about the roommate problems your household was having over the year as well as about the damage to property. I regret that in spite of our efforts and the discussions and meeting we had with your household, it was not possible to resolve the roommate issues. We are not professional mediators or counselors, we are property managers, and when our efforts at resolution were not productive, we provided you with referrals to professional outside mediation.

I am glad you liked the location and the apartment model and I regret we were not able to be of more assistance to you.

-Steven Baker

Community Manager

Baker, although I appreciate your apology, I do not believe you are one to apologize in this matter. The head manager whom I had our meeting with was not only adverse, but also counter-productive. Given the state of our household, I intended our meeting to address our security deposit. She specifically pointed out that I had no reason to be concerned about the situation because the household neglect was completely normal with college students. With that and more, she basically enabled my housemates to cease discussion of any sort of cleaning.

Regardless, what's done is done. I received poor management service, $0 security deposit, and a load of rat droppings. I just want to inform future tenants that unless management changes up, they're going to be very disappointed.

side note: And Baker, while I was still in Brisa, you apologized about getting my name wrong countless times. The last time I saw you, you even re-assured me that my name would finally be corrected in the system. Then I got the check. Com'on man...


2010-12-04 22:10:00   I love Brisa!

"It's a house on a street with a yard." Now, I admit, Brisa's rent is quite high, but it's totally worth it. It's spacious and you have a front yard and backyard—which is so nice. My unit has been remodeled so we have new carpet and cabinets which makes it that much better.

The management & maintenance has been fantastic as well. I moved in a week earlier than 9/1/10 and so they prorated the extra amount I'd have to pay. At the beginning of October, they gave me back that money because it had taken them quite some time to get a washer/dryer unit into our place (way past 9/1/10) and new window screens. Every time we have sent in a maintenance request we usually get someone to fix it the same day or the next day. I sent in a request for a bigger fridge because the one that was in our house was older and smaller and our groceries would be so overstuffed. Guess what? The next day, they deliver us a brand spankin' new fridge.

Seriously—Brisa Villas has always made me feel like I was a VALUED tenant. WHO THE HELL EVER FEELS THAT WAY? No one. Management companies are usually so evil and maintenance repairs? Forget about it. I have friends that still aren't getting any heat in this 35 degree Davis weather.

Prior to moving into Brisa Villas, I read a lot of complaints about spiders and bugs. And I hate to admit it, but there is a spider problem. It doesn't bother me too much, because they usually crawl up to the corner of the high ceiling and just eat the bad insects that occasionally fly into the house. But they really aren't that big of a problem.

I strongly feel that Brisa Villas values their tenants' happiness and satisfaction. Also, my housemates and I were talking about it..and we concluded that we love Baker! He's always so understanding when we call in with maintenance request and other questions. I think the landlord needs to pay him more because he is a huge asset to keeping tenants happy at Brisa Villas.