The Band
Broken Society is a really great punk band with members who used to live in Davis while going to school. They are now located in SoCal.
Original Members
Gregg Society - Vocals/Bass (lived in Davis)
Aaron Society - Vocals/Guitar (lived in Davis)
Andy - Vocals/Drums (lived in West Sac)
Original Hideout
The Broken House on M street. Some great backyard shows happened there.

Broken Society used to play a lot in Davis and all around the area. They were instrumental in making Cafe Colonial, next to the Colonial Theater in Sacramento, an all ages venue for punk bands to play at while it lasted. The great thing about Broken Society is that it has smart political/social songs plus Gregg and Aaron have always been active in making things happen.


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2006-07-08 02:26:35   I drew the Broken Smiley for these guys as well as their first t-shirt design. They really kick ass! Good punk rock you can really sink your teeth into. They are one of the reasons I moved to Davis in the first place. —RiotInDavis