Name: Brother Jed Smock

Phone Number: (740) 344-9103

Email Address:

Office: The Campus Ministry, USA 2402 Longview Dr. Columbia, MO 65203

He is a preacher with a sign ranting his views upon University of California students.

Last seen on Monday, February 2nd, 2009 on the quad near the MU.

Here's some more pictures from the event:

Also, a special song by Brother Jed to two gay guys: Link to YouTube!

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2009-02-02 20:42:34   Didn't know why comments weren't enabled. Oh well, I heard about a preacher with sign on campus today (02/02/09) Are we sure it was Brother Jed? —mperkel

2009-02-03 00:21:39   There were two guys with signs and neither were Brother Jed. —MattBlair

2009-02-03 01:21:44   Perhaps it was a pseudoJed? —IDoNotExist

2010-07-24 22:38:58   One day I was talking with Brother Jed on the Quad when a rather rude young fellow sprinted by and grabbed Jed's Bible right out of his hands. While I may disagree with what is written in said book, I still strongly feel that theft is unjust, so I followed. The thief ran fast, but I walked far and by-and-by caught up with him, whereupon I used the chaos powers vested in me as a Judicator of the Ancient Order of Walkers to bend his mind in the other direction. After about half an hour of this spellcasting, his feeble mind snapped and he ran away as fast as he could. I walked back to the Quad, and by the time I got there Jed had his Bible again—apparently the thief had sprinted past and given it back again. It seems my magic had worked.

In any event, Jed seems like an okay guy. His beliefs are insane (he believes in hell and god and stuff like that) but if you can have a quiet conversation with him away from angry crowds in the Quad he can actually be quite calm and reasonable and interesting to talk to. He also gave me a copy of his book, _Who_Will_Rise_Up_, which seems to be a mixture of some insane beliefs and some quite sound strategies for public speaking and crowd manipulation. —BarnabasTruman

2011-02-27 15:47:22   How is it that people like this are able to preach on campus? i realize it is a "public institution," but you can't do this shit in a public library, or at a public pool, or in a public town hall meeting, so why the hell are people allowed to do this on campus? There has to be a way to stop people from doing it, because it creates a negative learning environment and makes the students who are paying the private school fees feel unsafe on their own campus! —AshleyMatson

2011-02-27 16:39:09   A university by its nature should be a place where ALL can freely express their views so long as they abstain from violence. Just because you happen to disagree doesn't mean it should be banned. Also, if you actually feel threatened by an old man holding a sign and jabbering on about hellfire and brimstone you've got some larger issues. If you disagree with him and want to do something about it A: debate him (calmly works best) or B: do like the two gentlemen behind him in the above did and conduct your own counter demonstration. He has as much right to be there as anyone else. Simple as that. —ARWENNHOLD

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