This page is for discussing the contents of Brush Creek Apartments.

Issues with this page:

  • HLDAY keeps deleting the comments off of this page. This may be with some justification, because:
    • The complex changed management as of 2011-12-23 or earlier (according to edits by HLDAY)
    • The complex changed names as of 2012-01-17 or earlier (according to edits by HLDAY)

There has been no communication from HLDAY, despite several comments left on the user's userpage. This user has also deleted comments from the Sterling Pointe Apartments page, as did the now-banned-username CommunityDirector, and there there has been no change of complex name or change of management.

How should we handle this? —CovertProfessor


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2012-02-15 18:37:53   3 different messages have been left for this person and they don't respond. Quite honestly we shouldn't have to chase a person down. —PeterBoulay

  • Well, except for the messaging system is somewhat lacking. In truth, not everyone sees the yellow message flag. And there is also the issue of the name/mgmt change. We sometimes will create a new page in those cases, and move over only the comments since the change (for a name change) or archive comments (for a management change). —CovertProfessor

2012-02-15 19:29:26   Outreach. Notices on pages work pretty well. If that doesn't do the trick, let's cross that bridge then. I'm finishing cooking, but I'll give it a stab in a while if no one else has. —TomGarberson

  • I agree that outreach is a good idea. It still isn't clear to me what ought to be done, however. If it was just about the deleting comments, it would be easy. —CovertProfessor

2012-02-15 19:47:19   Just added a quick something. Feel free to adjust. Crab cakes need eating. —TomGarberson

  • Looks great. Enjoy your crabcakes. We can talk about how the page(s) ought to look later. —CovertProfessor

2012-02-24 14:44:58   I'm pretty sure I know who this HLDAY is IRL, the first and middle initial match up

I'm going to have a talk with her about how the wiki works —StevenDaubert

Any luck on that conversation with Ms. Day, Daubert? —tg

No I haven't gotten around to getting her number thanks for the reminder ~SD