Building Roles was a student group that attempted to provide leadership training to students. They existed for a brief time in 2005, though they had completely disappeared by 2006 at UC Davis. They currently live in wiki infamy because they won the Kaplan Excellence in Student Teamwork Award instead of Davis Wiki.

Building Roles is a student run organization. Our sole purpose is helping other student run organizations be successful through providing leadership training and coaching. A major resource for us is the Leadership Challenge. You can check it out at The Leadership Challenge was created by two professors at Santa Clara University. They went around the world and asked normal mom-and-pop people one question: "Tell us your greatest leadership expereience." After they had collected thousands of these best practice in leadership statements, they broke them into thirty behaviors that leaders demonstrate. From these thirty behavior they divided it into five practices. Building Roles takes these five practices of great leaders and teaches students how to implement them into their lives. In addition to providing students with free consoltation and workshops we help host the annual UC Davis Leadership Conference.

Building Roles started a year-and-a-half ago with the Leading Roles contemporary leadership minor. But last summer the grant was lost for the program so the student element was disbanded. Instead of letting it go by the way side, we decided to become a student group recognized by SPAC. We have now transitioned though and work with Advising Services in conjunction with the Student Development Leadership Series.

  • Let it be known that Building Roles is in no way, shape or form has a bias towards any group or program on campus. Whereas individual members of Building Roles are free to express what they may, Building Roles does not express an opinion further than our sole purpose to build the leadership abilities of UC Davis students.

If you are interested in strengthening the leadership abilities of your group please feel free to contact us at

The creators came up with the most corporate-management-like name possible. Perhaps changing the name of the club would generate more interest?