A Burrowing Owl by its den. Burrowing Owls are native to California's Central Valley, and unlike other owls of the area, they live underground. However, Burrowing Owls don't dig burrows themselves, but instead reuse abandoned ground-squirrel and other mammal holes. Burrowing Owls are diurnal, feed on insects and rodents, and normally produce 4-5 young a year. They are also exceedingly loyal to their nests, preferring to maintain a continuous home. They can live up to 9-10 years and longer in captivity. Burrowing Owls are currently threatened due to development encroaching onto the agricultural land they inhabit.

The burrowing owl is the mascot of the Yolo Audubon Society. See their website for a photo of this curious creature.

For more information on the Burrowing Owl and efforts to protect it contact:

The Burrowing Owl Preservation Society (based in Woodland)

Burrowing Owl Conservation Network (based in Brentwood)

Burroworks Inc (has information on building birdhouses for Burrowing Owls)

For more information on other winged friends in Davis, see Birds and Bird Watching.

Some places to spot Burrowing Owls:

There are some Burrowing Owls at the end of Loyola Drive by the baseball field. The fenced-in Calgene Greenhouse lot between the DISC and Schilling Robotics on 2nd Street has several Burrowing Owls. You can also find several in the walking/jogging path around the north and east side of Wildhorse, particularly the ag buffer. Just drive north on Pole Line and pull over after the houses next to the Golf Course. Or from your car drive north on Mace Blvd around the bend at the edge of town, near the new Mace Ranch School. Several owls ironically hang out on a land developers sign on the edge of the fields, east side of the road. Also, The Colleges at La Rue was built on burrowing owl habitat and breeding areas in addition to Swainson's Hawk (a state endangered species) foraging and nesting sites. If you catch the owls under the right conditions, you can have a walk at Wildhorse where they are popped up on either side of the path like muppets. You can go from never having seen one to having seen 10 in a matter of 20 minutes. Burrowing Owl Family near Wildhorse Golf Course. Owls also use custom-made artificial dens quite successfully.


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2010-07-24 18:19:53   They look so silly and adorable surrounding themselves around a burrow. —hankim

2012-06-13 13:03:43   I haven't seen one behind my house (the Mace Ranch preserve thing) for a few years now. I used to see them all the time, until some new housing development began construction. Sad... —CecilioPadilla

2014-10-13 11:30:24   I saw one attacking a snake in May of 2014 at Wildhorse Golf Course. JessicaWeberMilne