Creating this page as a resource for those who have been victims of any types of business fraud in the Davis community.

Fraud includes, but is not limited to:

  • Double charging credit cards
  • Selling second hand items as new
  • Overcharging/over billing
  • Tax evasion or non-disclosure

Seems in this economic downturn, a few places are popping up on the radars of many of the honest, hard-working citizens of this city and it's time we do something about it.

Steps to protect and prevent include:

  • monitoring of the business
  • informing the general public to prevent it from occurring again
  • taking legal action (obviously the most time consuming and most frustrating)

Some things to keep in mind:

Always check before you buy or try. Heard a rumor about a place and you're just not sure if they're "shady" or on the up and up? you might check the BBB (Better Business Bureau) for past complaints and compliance. If you are the victim of a shady retailer or other business, file a complaint. The BBB does monitor and investigate and many times is instrumental in the recovery of losses and, in the worst case scenario, closure of the perpetrators.

Another source is [ Approva]. This company monitors and helps to recover losses due to credit card fraud for both businesses and individuals.

I know there are many sources up to and including involving the police. If you know of any information that can help others, or are a victim yourself here in our beautiful little city, here is your opportunity to give something back and help to continue to make Davis the warm, inviting place I know it has been and can be again.


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2010-04-15 11:44:41   If you are ever overcharged on your credit card, you can just dispute it with your credit card company and they will dispute it with the merchant for you and credit your account. Sometimes, if the business still refuses, the credit card company will eat the charge for you. —KellyM