This is an index page for comparisons of businesses located in Davis. The foundational example is Panda Express vs. Davis Noodle City, which performed an experiment comparing speed, cost, quantity, and quality of the food at those restaurants. This is freaking awesome (and useful), and should be done more often—hence this page!

Perhaps we focus on chains vs. local equivalents, at least to start?

Back where I grew up, we used to hold a Bike Shop Olympiad... Each local and chain store would send 3 of their top mechanics to go through a series of "obstacles" (fastest flat fix, fastest build, fastest repair etc.) 2 would compete and 1 would judge. we would all rotate, so it was pretty even. Now all of these events would have a twist like parts were scattered or we had to run across a park or something like that. It was always fun and I'd be down to do something like that here. - aaron.curtin

  • That would be fantastic! —cp