Soul Buying, Generally

The practice of buying and/or selling souls was once rampant in Davis. Everyone has at least one weakness. The point of the game is to find a weakness and use it to buy/barter for their soul.

For example, person x is Starbucks' frappuchinos' slave. We take a frappuchino, wave it in their face, and trade it for their soul. Simple? Not quite. But it is amusing when you do succeed.

Davis Soul Buying Experiences

I bought two souls while in high school. One for two pieces of lined paper, another for a single piece of graph paper. The former was a rather attractive semigothic girl, the latter was a Jewish lad who claimed he didn't believe in souls and therefore laughed at my foolish attempt to buy nothing — shortly however he began to get nervious and tried to barter for it back which I found quite amusing. He got really uneasy when he tried to buy mine and I responded with, "What, you think I'm an idiot?!" - KrisFricke

A guy I knew in highschool had a huge collection of souls. Once he had one, he never, ever, ever gave it back... LizaAbeja and I were discussing this the other day—she knew someone who bought people's souls, too. I guess it's pretty common, especially among the heathens (such as ourselves). —SummerSong

I once went to a party dressed as satan. I had a samsonite breifcase full of Sierra Nevada Summerfest which I sold for souls. —ArlenAbraham

I went as Lucifer the Fallen for halloween in 2000, and I carried around a contract for people to sign in red ink. My roommate at the time thought it was predisposing people to selling their souls for real. He had mercury poisoning. —KarlMogel

i am the proud owner of 13 and 1/3 souls, almost all catholic. —AdamYergovich

In high school I sold my soul's left arm for a pack of gum. Will be rather interesting to explain to my fellow dead people if the whole "soul thing" actually turns out to be true. —ZacMorris

I am the proud owner of wiki citizen JohnDudek's soul. I bought it 2nd hand during Geometry in Jr. High. My 2nd aquisition happened in 11th grade for the price of a ring. No, I am neither married nor engaged, she just liked a ring I'd bought. —MasonMurray

The Campus Crusade for Chaos and Confusion is rumored to have run a soul-buying operation openly at a table on the Quad in broad daylight on Halloween 2003. —BarnabasTruman