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1260 Lake Boulevard , Suite 235
Fax:(530) 750-3560
Cathy L. Davies (?)

One of the property management firms in town.

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2006-09-28 19:58:05   Cathy is a great property manager. —NickHinesley Nope, I don't know what you've been smoking but she is in fact a horrible property maneger. Worst I've had (La Rue, Acadian, Lyon, UCD).

2008-02-04 15:55:13   Cathy is really helpful. She's managing a rental that my son and daughter live in, and she is always pleasant. She also takes care of everything in a very timely manner. I would definitely recommend her management company to renters and rentees. —Davisman56

2008-02-05 10:22:11   Great communication, which I find is rare among Prop. Managers in Davis. —ChrisThompson

2008-02-24 16:40:47   We've lived in two of her properties and she has always been helpful and efficient. Probably the best property manager in town, especially when you hear the scary stories about different managers! —katherine1234

2008-12-15 18:21:54   About a year ago I made some appointments to view some rental homes with Cathy. Two homes were being rented by very nice and clean tenants and the houses themselves were in good shape. The last home was your typical undergrad bachelor pad complete with keg and trashed rooms. We applied to live in the two nice homes. We paid the application fee ($20 per applicant) and submitted our applications on a Friday. We were offered our number one choice on Tuesday. The deposit is kind of high (1.5x monthly rent) but we don't have to pay first and last month's rent.

Overall, I had a good experience with C.L. Davies that was very efficient and timely.

<4 months later> We've had a great experience with C.L. Davies. They've been prompt about repairs too. They're great! —DrWang

2009-12-28 17:40:30   Cathy is very far from being a great property manager. The repair guys are nice though. —leiris

2010-01-14 10:21:03 response to your comment, I must ask what makes you the expert on "great" property managers. I can say from experience, if you have a problem with C. L. Davies, you can talk to them and they work with you to work it out. —Morrow

2010-03-29 14:20:57   My roommates and I had several serious issues that had to be dealt with immediately after we moved into one of the rental houses. Cathy was very helpful and addressed each concern in a timely manner. I highly recommend this management company. —striker

2010-06-06 14:07:02   Morrow: Cathy has been nothing but extremely rude to myself and my housemates. Her employees are kind, but I have absolutely no kind words for CL herself. Once I move out I will be happy to expand upon my many reasons for my very fair above statement that she is a BAD (!!!) manager. —leiris

2010-06-15 23:27:49   CLD has been very responsive and professional. She did a great job showing us properties that fit what we were looking for. We have a great place lined up and it is all thanks to her. —JNivens

2010-08-20 12:06:37   leris, your comment in Junes sounds like you have a personal beef with Cathy. Read the other comments. It seems to be just you. It sounds more like you are talking about Grace Properties rather than CL Davies. —Morrow

2010-09-13 19:10:58   Morrow: the only relationship I have with Cathy is a professional how is that a "personal beef"? It's a valid opinion of her as a property manager that my roommates and several of my neighbors share. It sounds like you have a personal attachment to her (not me). —leiris

2010-09-20 14:32:54   While living in one of their properties, they are an all right management company. They do not have great response times. However, when leaving the apartment, they will charge you ridiculous amounts for cleaning. They said that carpet cleaning would be $125 but ended up charging us $235. They also hired a professional cleaning company when we had already cleaned the entire apartment from top to bottom, which ended up costing us another $115. —LeahW

2011-02-01 10:06:21 are such a sweet young lady. You are incorrectly assuming that I was being condescending when I was trying to be helpful. I apologize for any discomfort or inconvenience that this may have caused you. Changing a light bulb is the tenants responsibility and that is what I was attempting to convey to you. I am happy to help you and resolve any problems or answer any questions (silly or not) regarding your rental property. I want this new "renting" experience to be a joyful and comfortable experience for you. We, here at CL Daviies, Inc. want to make that happen! —cathydavies

Cathy, you know you never treat your tenants the way you have just spoken to her on this page. Her account of the exchange seems much more plausible based on what your past tenants, current tenants, and prospective tenants have said about you (not including comments on this page). At least you appear legitimate, I guess. —JIK

Two or more of the following comments comefrom the same IP address and may be the same person.

2012-03-27 16:08:15   Cathy is an idiot that thought it would be fun to take advantage of college students with a shady business after getting a hefty divorce settlement. She never repairs property issues, always deflects blame, is only prompt when it comes to her own issues, is not familiar with property management laws, and overall is a huge pain in the butt to rent from. She is guaranteed to make you grind your teeth. Also, it is illegal for a landlord to force you to choose to renew a lease sooner that 30-60 days before the lease is up (not that I would ever want to renew with this one). —JustHereToWarnYouAboutCLDavies

I don't know a thing about the management company or your experiences, but it's worth making one correction here. I'm not sure the 30-60 days thing is accurate. As far as I know, the landlord is required to give a minimum of 30 or 60 days' notice, depending on the circumstances, when terminating a lease. That would mean they're free to give you more notice. If it were illegal for a landlord to require you to decide prior to 30-60 days out, that would mean they could not legally terminate the lease in time if you failed to answer. It's not something I've researched in any detail, but I believe you're incorrect about the 30-60 days. —TomGarberson

2012-05-10 12:11:19   In response to the person posting the "negative" on March 27th, you seem to know about Cathy's personal, the mention of a divorce settlement. I do know Cathy personally. There was no divorce settlement. No current or previous renter or client would have any idea of this. You are obviously someone with a personal beef, with Cathy or CL Davies. It is clear that you are extremely jealous of Cathy and immature. I know for fact that Cathy is well educated (especially in this industry, professional and very thorough in her business. By the way, read the first comment. I believe it was your own child that gave the initial praises for this company on September 28, 2006. I have one more word for you so please pay attention....Karma. —Morrow

2012-05-29 13:41:08   I created this account to specifically warn potential customers about this devious and manipulative company. I was a former tenant in a home that they managed so I have direct experience of the horrors that they of charge! First off, they do NOT honor agreements that are made prior to moving into a property. Prior to moving in, Cathy had promised to remove a defunct hot-tub due to it being a breeding ground for mosquitoes and mice. We had reminded her time and time again and she ignored our requests perhaps because she had already secured our signatures on the lease (one tenant was reminding her bi-monthly about the issue). The hot-tub was never removed. Secondly, they will flat out lie to tenants, perhaps believing that they are too ignorant to know pertinent rental laws. Out of the blue, at no fault of our own, our toilet had sunk into the floor and was completely out of commission. One of our tenants has a parent who is a lawyer and the other has a parent who is a landlord, both of whom suggested that we immediately deliver a letter to C.L. Davies saying (more or less) that "the toilet needs to be fixed immediately and that if it isn't fixed we will hire a company and deduct the expense from next month's rent". We immediately received a phone call from Cathy (a response time that was quite rare) with her suggesting that we had fabricated the laws and that she "didn't know what kind of lawyer [we] are talking to". The landlord came out the very next day with a friend/worker and fixed the toilet. The repair done was by no means professional but did solve the issue of a non-functioning toilet (i.e., it was a superficial repair). As mentioned earlier, there was a massive rodent infestation. On many occasions mice were observed scurrying about the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and garage rafters; one of the only safe places for storing food was in the refrigerator. We notified C.L. Davies and the their landscape maintenance people showed up to take care of the problem. They did little else but inspect the perimeter of the property for obvious entryways for the mice, laid a few traps, and called the problem solved. The traps were being set off constantly and we were throwing away many dead mice (one trap went off 5 times in one hour). THIS IS NOT THE **PROFESSIONAL** WAY TO DEAL WITH A RODENT INFESTATION. We complained about the infestation and Cathy was dismissive and informed us that mice are a normal part of living in a house. It may not be apparent to C.L. Davies but no rodent INFESTATION is "normal". (C.L. Davies may try to point out that we drew the mice to our house with our recyclables and such in the backyard. This would be a blatant lie due to the infestation being a problem before we started doing so.) Other non-specific problems occurred during our horrendous experience, such as exorbitant fees for disposing of trash (>$200 for throwing away a couch is the only one I could remember) and general disrespect. I'm pretty sure Cathy will mention the state we left the house in after our stay. I admit that we left the property with extensive carpet damage and with some trash left over. I preemptively retort by suggesting that if C.L. Davies had treated us with the SLIGHTEST amount of respect we wouldn't have left on such sour terms. So as a warning to other potential customers...AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS. If you are a student they will try to exploit your vulnerabilities and treat you like the dirt beneath their feet. Be warned and beware! —SoggyWaffles

2012-06-20 11:14:28   I am likely filing a class action lawsuit against Cathy and her company for experiences similar to those of SoggyWaffles and myself. Cathy is a horrible landlord with no grasp for the laws she is required to follow. Please comment if you are interesting in taking part. —JIK

2012-07-26 12:35:19   I completely agree with Soggywaffles and JIK. I also had a really terrible experience with Cathy, to the point where the whole thing overshadowed the very end of my senior year at Davis. Essentially, my apartment had a faulty toilet, and it ended up flooding my entire place as well as the apartments on either side of mine. Cathy and her friend/repair man tried to pin the blame on me, and I was terrified I'd be facing fees of up to $6000 to cover the damage (which I could by no stretch of the imagination afford). I fought it tooth and nail, and eventually got their insurance company to come take a look at the apartment and to consider my case. Without a question, they took my side and they were confused as to why it was an issue in the first place. Luckily I didn't have to pay a dime and it was filed as a claim in the end. All of this was such a nightmare when it needn't have been - I advice you be weary and to use your scruples with this one!—momokoneko

2012-07-31 16:44:18   Momokoneko (Denise) the time of the incident that you speak of here, you admitted to "stuffing tissue" into the flapper. This did cause the overflow and flood. Our company took every possible angle to convince the insurance to cover the expense of the damage. Thankfully, they did cover the damages, even though there was mis-use of the toilet and flapper involved.


I don't really want to get into this again. However, I will say that I know what happened, and I know where you and I both stand on the matter. You talk about "taking responsibility for your actions" yet from the very beginning you would NOT listen to my side of the story, and immediately pointed the finger at me... probably because you didn't want to make an insurance claim and have your policy go up. The toilet started flooding at 2am and I tried to respond to the situation the best I could - and as the insurance guy said, this isn't a problem any tenant should have had to deal with in the first place. My propping up the flapper clearly didn't work, but that's NOT what caused the flood. As stated, the toilet HAD ALREADY started flooding, why else would I have been looking at the tank in the first place? No, you're absolutely right, I just decided to mess with the plumbing of my apartment for fun. And as evidenced by the plumbing diagnostic, there WAS indeed something wrong with the ball-cock which was leveraging the flapper down causing the water level to rise. Also, saying that you attacked it from every angle is a blatant lie. I had to literally fight with you in order to get the insurance people involved. And when they came, they took my side in spite of your continued effort to blame it on me because they saw the situation for what it really was. Anyway this is neither here nor there, I just wanted to put my two cents in. I'm sure people will figure out what you're really like sooner or later. —momokoneko

2012-07-31 16:54:08   "SoggyWaffles", we have pages of documentation and photographs outlining your tenancy, level of housekeeping and cleanliness during your occupancy at the house on Linden Lane. We also have documentation listing the condition in which you left the property upon lease termination. Our recoirds indicate that you did not have a rodent infestation until SEVERAL months of occupancy had passed. Upon personal inspection of the property, it was clear to me that the cleanlieness of the kitchen and the accumulation of trash out side would cause a rodent and cockroach infestation. The hot tub removal had been promised to us by the property owner. The removal of the hot tub was the sole responsibility of the property owner. Unfortunately, we were not authorized to remove the hot tub and the owner failed to keep the promise. Unfortunately, we cannot please every tenant. We do everything within our power to keep the property owners and the tenants comfortable and happy. Communication is the key. Honesty and personal responsibility also plays a very strong role. Good luck to you in your future endeveaors. —cathydavies

2012-07-31 16:58:22   A negative attitude toward others will not bring you success. We all need to keep an open mind and always take responsibility for our actions. —cathydavies

2012-08-01 11:13:29   WARNING TO ALL READERS OF THIS WIKI SITE...."leiris", "JustHereToWarnYouAboutCLDavies" and "JIK" are all ficticious names created to log in and post negative comments. All postings from these names have been traced. We are aware that the person posting these fabricated incidents and using fake identity is a local broker/property manager. This person is named "Lois". She has made several attempts to destroy reputations of all her former employers and supervisors within the City of Davis, including Cathy Davies. Lois has been diagnosed with mental instability and has been on medication for such over the past 15 years. The Davis Wiki site provides a source for her and others like her to post false stories and statements without revealing their true identity. The pshcyo neurotic behavior combined with the obvious deisre to destroy competitors and past business associates is beyond our control. Please take this into consideration when reading this site and all web sites that provide a route for the angry or disturbed individuals.


If they have been traced, please just post the information and delete the reviews. You — just like everybody else here — are a moderator of this site, and are fully empowered to help keep it clean of such activity (which is why all IP addresses and such are openly revealed). But be aware that you'll need to have a case to remove them, not just "I don't agree with their point of view". —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards,

Okay, the most you can find out from tracing an IP address is 1. approximate location, and 2. their internet provider. It's impossible to find out the name/identity of the person without a court order issued to their ISP. So there's no way you could have traced these IPs to Lois unless you had subpeonaed their ISPs, which is a really arduous process, plus you have little to no grounds for being granted that request anyway. —momokoneko

2012-09-12 21:25:35   momokonkeo (Denise), You are wrong about the ability to trace the ISP. It is not always "what" one knows but "who" one knows that creates the path to success in certain areas of life. —cathydavies

2013-04-12 11:59:35   I created an account just for this. I have not been this outraged or upset in a very very long time. Prior to today, our relationship with C.L. Davies was your typical renter-manager relationship. Some things we would complain about would be taken care of while others were completely overlooked as we were belittled by Cathy over the phone (Tanya is great though. We LOVE Tanya). One complaint was of the rats/mice and cockroaches in our house. Cathy said that because we made the call too late, they wouldn't send anybody out to take care of the pests (you must raise the issue within a certain time frame after moving in). That's fine, understandable. One roommate and I decided to stay another year and had two new roommates sign the lease. When we brought up the same problem of rats, Cathy insisted that "oh, mice are a part of the natural landscape of Davis and you will find cockroaches, spiders, and rats in houses, it's totally normal and to be expected" and that there is nothing they would do about it. I'm sorry, I've never had any of these problems living anywhere else and I've lived in Davis for 5 years now. I call bullshit, but I went and bought supplies myself and took care of the problem to the best of my ability. There were other problems as well that we complained about that they never took care of (Once again, Tanya is great). One thing that we complained about was our motion sensor light not working. I can't recall all of the details, but this is something they refused to fix as well.

Fast forward to today. Our house was broken into last night. We had many personal belongings stolen and more than anything, we feel extremely violated. We filed a police report and one of the first things the officer said was "you guys should really get a motion detector light." Yup....if only. My roommate then called CL Davies to tell them about what had happened and to see about getting the locks changed since the burglar managed to steal a set of house and car keys as well. My roommate told Cathy that we wanted the locks changed because this stranger now had a way in through the front door. Cathy had the audacity to respond with something along the lines of "Well it's not like they need a key to get in."

Cathy's reaction to our problem has left me shocked and makes me want to move out of this house this very instant. She was incredibly insensitive to what we are going through and her snarky little attitude is the last thing we want to be dealing with. I can't believe I decided to live in this house two years in a row. Please do yourself a favor and do not sign on with C.L. Davies. Prior to signing, I had seen negative comments on here but I really thought they would not affect me as a tenant.

In short, I would highly recommend NOT SIGNING with C.L. Davies. Tanya is great to work with (fun, caring, gets stuff done) while her coworker seems to be almost the opposite. I am so hurt and upset by Cathy's actions (not only of today, but the past two years as well) that I want to warn others about signing with them. It's been an absolutely horrible experience. —MChag

2013-09-17 14:15:26   I just created an account to warn people from leasing through C L Davies. If you want to be disrespected by your property manager then Cathy is your girl. —alumni2013

2013-12-05 13:16:50   My experience with CL Davies began when I took over a lease for a room in a shared house. I dealt with Tonia in getting all the paperwork together. When I applied to rent the room, I told Tonia that I had a cat. She said she didn't know if that was ok with the owners, so she texted them and I got approval to bring my pet. I asked her if there was a pet deposit, and she said she didn't know and would check. Then she proceeded to tell me how her head was foggy because she spent all weekend drinking. A woman in her mid-40's told me, a potential renter that she was meeting for the first time, how "wasted" she got over the weekend. Highly unprofessional. I asked Tonia 2 more times about the pet deposit, and each time she couldn't remember me telling her I had a cat or talking to the owners to clear it. Everything was fine for a while while I lived there. Cathy had some painters come out to paint the bathroom and they did a shit job - paint splatters all over the mirror and paint blobs on the counters. They also did not give us notice that they were coming, so they showed up to the door in the morning when we were not dressed and then told us we couldn't use the shower for several hours. Highly inconvenient. The last straw came when I tried to transfer my lease over to an international student for the summer. I had talked to Tonia SEVERAL times about my situation. My dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer and I needed to go home to San Diego for the summer to spend time with family. I found a person willing to take over my lease for the last 3 months (June 1 - August 31). At the end of August, I would not be renewing my lease. I told Tonia this at least 3 times. After they received the new girl's deposit, I asked 3 questions, in numbered format 1. Does the new girl have to pay a $25 application fee? 2. Do I have to pay a $50 lease transfer fee? 3. What is the process for getting my deposit back?). Tonia emailed me back without answering ANY of them. This was the second time this had happened. She said that I had to scan and email the "assignment document" to the new girl and then email it back. I responded telling her that a) I don't have this document to which she is referring and b) I have no idea what this document is. She then told me they had to prepare it and would let me know when it is ready. FOUR WEEKS after they received the new renter's deposit, they FINALLY sent me the "assignment" document - which basically was the lease transfer agreement. I had stressed to Tonia that with all that was going on, I needed to take care of things and get all the documents in order because I was dealing with my dad's health issues. I had to wait 4 weeks. They only finally got it to me because I called them and told them they still hadn't gotten it to me. I received a phone call from Cathy today (5/20/13) telling me that she finally prepared the assignment document. She asked if I could come pick it up. I told her that my dad just died and I was in San Diego for a while and could not pick it up. I asked her to email it to the new renter. She told me she couldn't because she didn't have a scanner. Wait, hold on. WHAT RENTAL OFFICE DOESN'T HAVE A SCANNER?!? Isn't this a requirement for doing business? I asked her if she had an electronic copy she could send me and I was told no. Did you draft this document on a typewriter? Or with a quill and ink? Who the hell doesn't have electronic copies of documents saved on their computer? Or at least a scanner? The reason? She told me there were fields that had to be "filled in by hand." Luckily, my mom had a fax machine and faxed me the document. I'm surprised they even had that technology instead of courier pigeons. It was just a typed document and the fields they had to "fill in by hand" were just names and dates. Um...hello?! You can do that ON YOUR COMPUTER and then email me the digital copy so I can sign it and send it back to you. I even told Cathy my dad had just died and she didn't even offer to try to find a scanner or just send me the electronic form. So she faxed it to me, then I had to scan it and email it to the new renter. CATHY - you are the PROPERTY MANAGER. This is YOUR job! Scanner/Printer combinations are as cheap as $80. It's ridiculous that a property management company does not have a scanner. Nobody has a fax machine anymore. When you are renting to college students, you NEED this technology, as I guarantee you 99.99% do not own fax machines. It shouldn't be the job of your renters to do your job for you.

Also took almost 5 weeks to get my deposit back. By California law, they MUST return it within 21 days. They claimed they never received "notification of the lease transfer." BULL!! I was cc'd on the email where the new renter emailed them the completed copy of it! AND I called on June 4th requesting my deposit, and Tonia said, "no problem, you'll get it in 3 weeks or less." Then, 5 weeks later, they try to claim they never even knew I moved out? Come on.

To be fair, both Tonia and Cathy were very nice and seemed to want to take care of us as tenants. However, the lack of organization and communication was unacceptable for a rental office. Too many emails not answered, forms not sent on time, deposit not returned on time, not letting us know when painters were coming, forgetting I wasn't resigning my lease at least 3 times...the list goes on and on. If they worked on their organization and deadlines, I think they would be an alright company.


2014-01-22 13:36:04   MissANY—AKA..Ashley I understand you may have been going through a very difficult and emotional time during your lease assignment transaction. However, I believe you have fabricated and neglected many of the facts surrounding this transaction on Eureka Lane. The person taking over your lease was living in Ireland. Upon initial submission of her rental application and deposit payment, her payment had to be returned to her IN IRELAND as the form of payment was nonnegotiable for us here. That took nearly 2 weeks to complete. Until her application was approved, her deposit payment received and the documents signed by her, you could NOT sign off on your lease nor could you receive your deposit refund. In this case, the lease assignment transaction took weeks rather than days to complete. This may have been because she was located in Ireland. AT NO TIME were you asked to scan or email the document to "the new girl". The person taking over your lease is the first to sign the document, then you sign. At that time, you were asked to send the document back to me for final execution. Ashley, we do have a scanner and a fax. Contrary to your statement, professional businesses do use fax machines and scanners. AT NO TIME did we hire a painter to paint inside your unit. Your housemates did the painting without permission. I believe it is important to take all facts into consideration when evaluating a situation. Each person involved should take personal responsibility for their role and how their actions or choices may affect the outcome of a situation. —cathydavies

2014-02-01 17:01:59   This is a response to Cathy's comments directly above: I wrote a negative review here on DavisWiki based on my experiences, and Cathy just accused me of LYING and then smugly stated that "each person involved should take personal responsibility for their role and how their actions or choices may affect the outcome of a situation." Excuse me? My review was documenting how you misplaced documents, didn't handle a lease transfer in a timely manner, and illegally returned my deposit 2 weeks after the legal deadline. What part of that should I assume personal responsibility for? Just so everyone can follow the story, scroll up 2 comments to the comment posted by myself "MissANY", then read Cathy's response above this one, then read this comment. You will see how she accused me of fabricating facts. I fabricated ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I have included pictures of the email correspondence between CL Davies (Cathy and Tonia), myself, and Therese - the girl who took over my lease, as photographic proof that you are a liar and that everything I said in my original review is 100% true. If a property manager is going to lie like this, they better make sure the other party doesn't have proof of their lies. I think it is absolutely deplorable of you to accuse me of lying, when it is in fact you who lying through your teeth to protect your company's image. Obviously you lack business ethics and people should think twice about entering into a contract with you. I will address your lies one by one:

You DID hire painters to paint the BATHROOM. You came by one afternoon to inspect the house and told us you thought the bathroom needed to be painted, and you would arrange for someone to come out. Myself and another roommate were home at the time you came by and told us this. You never notified us when the painters would be by, and one morning they showed up unannounced while myself and the other female roommate were not properly dressed as it was so early on a weekend. They told us that YOU had sent them there, then told us we couldn't use the bathroom for a few hours. So here we are, not properly dressed with 2 male strangers in our house, then told we can't shower for a few hours, which significantly impacted my day. They got paint all over the counters and the mirror and you never gave us a heads up that they were coming. THIS IS 100% TRUE as both myself and another roommate were home, both when you came to the house, and when the painters came. If you want to call us both liars, then go ahead, but all three of us know the truth. I don't have any photographic evidence of this, but 2 guys showed up to our house unannounced one morning to paint the bathroom. So are you saying you didn't hire these 2 guys? That two random dudes just decided to come by our house to paint the bathroom just for fun? And then say that Cathy sent them over? What a coincidence! Yes, it is absolutely true that the other tenants in the house painted the walls in their bedrooms, but this was done BEFORE I moved in, and none of them EVER painted the bathroom.

Second, in terms of not getting my deposit back because the girl was in Ireland and it took so long for CL Davies to get their deposit...well this is absolute hogwash as well. I only asked for my deposit back after the new tenant moved in and her deposit had already been PROCESSED by you. I did not ask for the deposit back as soon as it was received by CL Davies (May 21, see photo 3 below). I asked for it back when the new girl officially moved in, which was June 1. I called on June 4 and gave CL Davies my forwarding address and was told by Tonia that it would be returned to me within 3 weeks. IF THEY DIDN'T HAVE THE NEW TENANT'S DEPOSIT, WHY WOULD SHE TELL ME THIS? After 4 weeks, I emailed them (see photo 1) informing them that they were in violation of the law. At this point, I was told that they "didn't have record" of the lease transfer, even though all the documents had been sent in and signed a month prior. It's funny that you CASHED/DEPOSITED a check from a new tenant and approved her lease transfer application, but then claim you have no idea she was living there? At the time you finally returned my deposit to me, the girl from Ireland had already been living in the house for a month! So your claim that you did not yet have her deposit is garbage, as you obviously had it as she had moved in A MONTH PRIOR. In fact, she sent her deposit in APRIL (see photo 2), and you emailed us on MAY FIRST telling me you received her deposit, and all the paperwork was signed and stamped off on as of May 21 (see photo 3), and you did not return my deposit until JULY (again, see photo 1). I understand that she was living in Ireland, and the first check had to be returned because you couldn't cash it because it wasn't valid here. That was the check you received on May 1, but you had received her deposit and had cashed her valid check by May 21st, as is proven in my documents (photo 3). This is legal documentation that CL Davies had and had cashed her deposit on or before 5/21, yet I didn't get my deposit back until almost 6 weeks after that. So your claim that I didn't get my deposit back on time because the first check had to be returned is bullshit. You had a valid check by May 21st, which is still 6 weeks until you finally paid my deposit back. As you stated, you couldn't return my deposit until I was released from my lease. As photo 3 clearly shows, I was released from my lease on June 1, which gives you until June 21st to return my deposit. When I called the office to give you my forwarding address, I was told ON JUNE 4 BY TONIA that I would get the deposit back in 3 weeks or less. It was not returned until I reminded you A SECOND TIME (photo 1) that you needed to return my deposit.The fact of the matter is this: you returned my deposit almost 5 weeks after the new tenant had started her lease and mine had ended. This is in violation of the law. There is nothing you can say to cover up the fact that you broke California rental law. Your excuse that the processing of the new tenant's deposit took weeks is not valid, because processing was finished by May 21st, and my lease expired 10 days later on June 1. Therefore, you had the new tenant's money in your account 10 days before my lease expired, and as photo 3 proves, you released me from my contract on June 1.

Third, you absolutely did tell me that I had to fax over the lease agreement document. I asked you if you could scan it in and email it to me, but you refused because there were parts that "needed to be filled in by hand." We went around and around on this, as I told you I didn't have a fax machine and could you please scan it for me and email it, and you told me, "the office doesn't have a scanner." Maybe you wisely invested in one, but you certainly didn't have one then. Why would I make this up? I also have proof of this received fax from you in my phone records. See photos 5 and 6 for proof that CL Davies did not have a scanner at this time.

Cathy, please do not lie and make up facts. I have documents proving everything I said is true. It's really disgusting to me that you would not only lie about facts and dates, but accuse a former tenant of lying as well. I have a paper and email trail supporting everything I've said and will now upload them to prove it. How dare you accuse me of "fabricating" facts. It's really shameful that instead of apologizing and acknowledging that my lease transfer and return of my deposit was completely mishandled, you made up untruths to cover your tracks. You should really be embarrassed of yourself. Either you are lying, or your record keeping is so poor that you actually believe what you said is true. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if you were just confused about the history of this transaction, as my entire experience with your company was a series of misplaced documents, questions and emails going unanswered, and your staff forgetting issues and questions I had raised with them. Luckily, I keep excellent records and can prove that what I said is 100% true. Next time you want to lie and accuse someone else of being the liar, you better make sure that they don't have proof of your dishonesty.

Photo 1: Proof that Cathy is lying about the details regarding why my deposit wasn't returned. Note that the date is ONE MONTH after the new tenant moved in, and 6 weeks after our lease transfer agreement was signed and approved:

Photo 2: Proof that the new tenant mailed in her deposit in April. Note the date 4/25. Cathy received the deposit May 1. I'm not sure if she had to request a new form of payment AS SHE CLAIMS, but either way, she received it and cashed it by May 21, as when that is when all the paperwork was signed and I was officially released from my lease (next photo):

Photo 3: Proof that Cathy is lying about when she received the new tenant's deposit. As you can see, she received it on or before May 20, when this document was sent to myself and the new tenant. Cathy drafted this document and sent it TO ME FIRST (as you can see by the date on my signature and the email correspondence in the next photos), NOT Therese first (as Cathy had lied about in her above comment). In addition, you can see here that it says that the deposit was due 5/1/14, so it's likely that's when Cathy received it. We did get an email from Cathy indicating that she had received a deposit on May 1, but I don't have any proof if she cashed this check, or needed another like she claimed in the above post. HOWEVER, we do know that she got it NO LATER THAN the 20th, as this is when I received this document.

Photos 4a and 4b: Proof that all the paperwork was signed and sealed on May 21. At this point, the lease was transferred and CL Davies had received and cashed their deposit. Yet, it took until July for me to finally get my deposit back? Cathy obviously lied about the dates when she got the new tenant's deposit.

Photo 5: Proof that Cathy wouldn't scan or email the lease transfer agreement to the new tenant. Note in the email she said that I would fax it to her. Why couldn't she just scan the document and email it to her? Because Cathy claimed she didn't have a scanner and couldn't do that. So, Cathy faxed the document to my mother's house, I picked it up, scanned it into my computer, and emailed it to the new tenant, all while arranging a funeral for my dad. Great landlord!

Photo 6: Proof that CL Davies didn't have a scanner. Tonia (another employee) had told me that I needed scan the lease transfer agreement to the new tenant, and when I asked her if she could do it as I didn't have a functional scanner at the time (mine was in storage at the time as I was packing all my boxes), she said that she'll let Cathy know that I didn't have one either. Tonia didn't even send me the lease transfer agreement until 3 weeks after this conversation (when I had to call and ask for it).


2014-05-06 13:16:28   After reading these comments I was a little weary but wanted to see the properties for myself. Within the first 10 minutes Cathy was EXTREMELY rude to half of the tour group that was walking with my friend and me at a prospective apartment. They literally spent 5 minutes looking at the place and she exclaimed "OKAY HURRY UP I HAVE ANOTHER APARTMENT TO SHOW!" Who does that? that's beyond horrible customer service. Not to mention the apartments looked like run down crack houses. It literally was THE WORST property I have ever been shown in Davis. I didn't even bother to look at the application after that bad experience! Don't waste your time. —DavvvvisStudent

2015-10-16 14:24:35   I have had an amazing experience with CL Davies so far. The office is personable, responsive and eager to resolve any issues. Examples 1) Tree branch fell in yard. E-mailed CL Davies stating that I can remove the branch but just wanted to let them know about the tree. Before I even had a chance to start cutting the branch I received an e-mail back stating that the landscape company will be there in the morning to resolve the issue. 2) I wrote on the move-in form "shower drains slowly". Expecting this to never have been read and anticipating a stop at Target for some Draino (which I planned on doing without a second thought for such a minor issue). I received a call the next day inquiring about what day would be preferable for a plumber to come resolve the issue. Both of these scenarios were completely unexpected and exemplified over the top service from the property management company. These were both a refreshing change after renting with Zabace who were unprofessional, unresponsive and difficult to get in touch with. Zabace was just awful to deal at every level. Overall I obviously highly recommend CL Davies to owners looking for a property management company that will take care of the property or tenants looking for a company that is very easy to deal with. The only setback for CL Davies that I can come up with is that they don't have a lot of properties in Davis so the demand is very high. —nnowak6