Coalition of University Employees

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Address: CUE - UC Davis P.O. Box 600 West Sacramento, CA 95691-0600

CUE is a Labor Union representing UC clerical employees.

Most recently CUE and the university appear to be at an impasse regarding pay raises, among other things. Recently an independent fact finding report revealed that the university not only has the financial means to pay its clerical staff an equitable wage, but has used the state's current budget crisis as an excuse to divert funds previously allocated for wage increases (to the tune of $20 million dollars). Most distressingly though, the report shows that the UC pays its clericals 20-30% less than the CSUs and other educational institutions in the area. Library assistants fair the worst, with the disparity exceeding 30% for the same jobs and the same work. Like the other unions on campus, CUE is asking for a contract with competitive fair wages for its employees. Many of the employees are struggling with staggering increases in cost of living while left with paychecks diminished by increased healthcare costs and parking fees.

But don't take my word on it, read the report yourself:

(note: this summary was written as a subjective commentary by a member of the campus community and has not been endorsed by CUE)