904 3rd Street between H & I Streets
(just past the train tracks)
Mon-Sat 9am-5:30 pm summer/5:00 pm winter (closed 1:15 to 2:00 pm for lunch)
(530) 753-4134

$7.00 for outside only, $14.95 for inside/outside car wash. For the interior they vacuum, clean the windows and wipe the dash, and they don't use any harsh chemicals. They also have other services for a few dollars more (e.g., tire dressing, wheel cleaning, vinyl treatment). Detailing services (shampooing, stain removal, hand waxing, buffing, etc) are available by appointment

They close daily for lunch between 1:15 and 2:00 p.m. They also close for inclement weather (rain or threat of rain). Depending on the time of day, wait can be from 10 minutes to half an hour. Every time you go for a car wash you get a coupon for a buck or two off your next wash (but it's within the next month, meaning you probably will end up giving it to a friend). Only the cashier speaks English, so make sure you talk to him if you have specific concerns about washing your car.

Contrary to what you might expect, they do not wash cable cars.

Contrary to what Comcast customer service told me, they also do not provide cable internet service.


Enter along Cable Car's long driveway parallel to the train tracks. The detailing tent is located beyond the car wash area.

What's been your experience with Cable Car?

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2005-10-02 22:30:36   by far the worst car washes out of any i have ever taken my car to. extremely dissapointed. i've had 2 dollar mechanical ones that did a better job. —ThomasLloyd

2005-11-15 16:22:07   great car wash —AndrewNewman

2006-08-09 11:11:14   Decent basic carwash for $6.50. I'd go again. —JoeCustomer

2006-08-23 12:16:54   I've been there several times and never had any complaints— way better than any mechanical wash (if 2 dollar ones existed, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't even come with a blow dry). The price and value can't be beat really (have you seen other full service wash prices?). —DeviantDuncan

2007-01-25 15:15:57   I love Cable Car Wash. I've taken my cars there many times over the years. I think they tend to do a worse job during their peak times, but that's to be expected. —KyleWecker

2007-09-08 10:25:06   This is a strange little place, where your car gets dried not on the Cable Car property, but on the end of a dead-end street. (I guess the neighbors don't complain?) Anyway, they seem to do about as good a job as any as I've gotten at similar places, which is to say, I could do a better job myself (I'd go after the hard-to-get spots, whereas they largely leave them), but it would take a lot longer and be a lot more effort. —CovertProfessor

2007-12-14 00:07:20   paid 17 for inside/outside/waxspray. It's reasonably priced and definitely worth it if you're car is beyond dirty, like leaving your car at U-Mall at the wrong hours. —KaiWan

2008-07-10 20:39:35   Does the "inside/outside" include vacuuming the inside floor and such? If so, I'm going tomorrow! —SunjeetBaadkar

2008-08-28 16:41:49   this place is great! for $14.95 my car looks amazing. it only took 10 minutes and they have nice little waiting benches to read on. (bring a book or magazine) —Lala

2008-09-10 13:43:58   great job taking the dirt and pollen off car but i was surprised that they couldn't take off bird poop on my hood even though the guy seemed to be scrubbing for some time. for 7 bux i liked it especially since a million people (exaggeration) are working on your car during the process and i didn't have to get out of the car. —heyitsdimo

2008-09-25 11:47:39   I was extremely dissapointed with cable car wash. It was my first and only experience. The people working there are extremely rude!! I'm hispanic and so is my girlfriend. My girlfriend has the complexion of a white girl though. Blonde hair and blue eyes. The mexicans working there though she didn't know spanish. They said something that pissed me off! In spanish cause i know, but ill translate into english. "Oh wow look at that blonde one. Ill do her." They said that just as we were driving by. I don't mind if you make comments but keep them to yourself. They're lucky they didn't get an ass beating. My girlfriend told me to let it go and just stay in the car. And sure they do a fast job but the drying sucks! And they didn't even scrub my wheels. I'm taking my car to a Shell next time. I don't car if it's not hand washed. At least a machine has respect for you. I'm not exagerating when I say this is the worst place to wash your car. I would definetly not recomend it! —MiguelRamirez

2009-08-03 14:01:04   These guys are great. In fact, they are almost miracle workers. I'm really hard on my car, and have dogs in it a lot, and so when I take it in, it is dusty and dirty and not all that nice. $15, 15 minutes, and the car looks brand new inside! Totally worth it. —walkandbike

2009-08-31 16:10:05   I think it is definitely not a decent Inside/Outside cleaning for $14.99. They do a very clumsy job. My car has still stains and bird poops on it. They are not even using decent cloths to dry, the surface has small particles of cloth dusts.And the guy literally asked me for tip at the end of this service. —Amanda09

2009-10-06 14:37:47   The worst car wash I've ever been to. I paid for the middle option (about $20 i think) and it was worse than if I had just gone through one of the mechanical ones. There were streaks all over the back window and don't think that they vacuumed the back at all. They say they are Davis' only full service car wash but I say Davis doesn't have one. —swiftling

2010-03-21 10:43:15   These guys are OK, but I like the Sundance full service car wash better (if you have time to drive to Woodland). —jlr29

2010-04-12 12:18:32   If you have barfed or emitted bodily fluids do not tell them!! They will refuse to clean your car. I had cleaned up 95% of the barf and you could not smell it, but as soon as I mentioned it the guy there refused to take my car. And for all the haters - do you have any idea what they charge at the full service place in Woodland? A LOT more! —dizzyditz

2011-08-19 11:06:06   Wow. I have never posted a review before but had to comment on this place. I was selling my car and tossing up going to the effort to clean it up really nicely myself or take it here. Figured I'd have it detailed here, then take care of the extras that they'd missed myself. I was extremely impressed, and couldn't have done a better job myself with all the time, cleaning products or tools (that I would've had to buy) in the world. There was not a single dog hair stuck in the carpet when they were done! And, I didn't have to do it! Granted it cost $165 but this included everything (hand polishing, carpet shampooing, headlight restoration, really thorough interior clean, leather conditioning etc). I've never been through their regular car wash but enthusiastically recommend the detailing for pre-sales. —AllysonGroth

2012-02-02 13:28:02   Place is great. I took my car here before I sold it and they did a fine job. Definitely felt like I got my money's worth. —dazer1virginia

2012-02-02 15:26:52   I haven't actually been here, but I really like that this place closes for lunch. Something about that just says "doing it right" to me. —TomGarberson

2012-09-24 17:43:15   I just paid seven dollars (plus tip) and my car looks FANTASTIC. They did not dry it off all the way in the back, but my car was super dirty with sap and bird poop and bugs and now it's beautiful. Just a teensy bit wet. I feel I got my money's worth. They were efficient and nice and I'm going to return. —CarolynDesmond

2013-04-28 10:39:10   15 Bucks for a inside/out clean was a bargain!! I have pets so It was nice to have a place very reasonably priced to get my car cleaned!!! —EmmyThill

2013-08-27 08:32:04   If you value your time and just exhausted from your daily life then this is well worth the money. They did an excellent job inside and out nor did I have to wait very long. For around $23.00 plus a well deserved tip, they made my car look very nice. Hand dry, dressing on wheels, all windows excellently cleaned, interior cleaned and all vinyl coated with a nice protected shine. I will return on a monthly basis and will try out the hand wax and buffing soon. —richardpassmore

2014-07-22 22:55:31   Wonderful experience today. They were very nice and did an amazing job cleaning my car. Will definitely go back! —CarrieAlexander

2014-09-27 21:13:55   This is the first time for me to write a comment on this site. I went to cable car wash today to get my car washed at around 4 in the afternoon. And I paid for the in and out service which was 14.95. It was nice and clean as usual. But when I got home I realized that my car rear light cover on the passenger side was broken. And the staff that clean my car did not even tell me about it when he saw it. I am pretty sure he saw it because he stopped for one second when he was cleaning my spoiler. I am not saying that this place is bad but just make sure to check everything after your car get washed to see and make sure if any parts are broken. They have a very strong dryer and very powerful staff with some very hard tools that could damage your car. I just hope it doesn't cost me so much to fix it. Obviously they have dishonest staff. How could I even tip him. I am just hoping there are other car wash places in Davis. Again, check your car before you leave. —TOMMYC

2024-05-01 20:39:44   I really wish they had a website or active Twitter account (their Facebook hasn't been updated since 2015) or some other presence on the web so they can let us know what's going on. Half the time I go down there they've closed early due to an extended lunch, weather, an employee not showing up, maintenance, just didn't feel like showing up, etc. Very, very frustrating. —TristanEifler