Cache Creek Ridge Trail is a great hiking place on the eastern ridge overlooking Cache Creek, extending from Hwy 20 in the north to the Cache Creek - Bear Creek confluence in the south. The trail straddles the Lake County - Colusa County line.

To access the south trailhead, park to the side of the fire access gate near the confluence of Bear and Cache Creeks off Highway 16. This is just north of Cache Creek Regional Park and about 12 miles north of Guinda. Walk across the boat landing area, cross Bear Creek (the smaller one), and follow the wide path towards the northwest and up the hill.

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2010-02-16 13:06:12   Its a great place to hike on a clear winter day. The views are excellent. Don't forget to bring your camera! Cache Creek Ridge Trail photos 13feb2010. —BruceThomas

2014-01-23 20:06:51   Visited on a warm fall day and cannot wait to go back. The drive through Capay Valley is nice too! —JonWong