Davis is home to many cozy little cafés. They make a great alternative to Shields Library for studying, provide entertainment, comfy chairs, and also, of course, tons of coffee. The ones listed under bakeries make their own baked goods (or claim to!). Many cafes make good ideas for dates.

Some cafés are open late into the night time.


A corner to myself

  • 3rd & U Cafe — Restaurant and coffee.
  • Black Frog Coffee
  • Cafe 110 — Part of Hallmark Inn
  • Cloud Forest Cafe — A study-friendly (ample seating inside and out) cafe with a good selection of food.
  • The Coffee House — Central hub of campus that sells both drip coffee (two locations) and espresso drinks (around the corner). Depending on what's open, you can get a wide variety of food. WiFi via UCD-guest, but spotty at best.
  • Common Grounds — A fairly generic (but quite cozy) coffee shop in South Davis. Offers free WiFi and lots of comfy chairs.
  • Delta of Venus — Where everyone who's cool goes to have breakfast on the weekend. Focuses more on food than coffee. Offers free WiFi.
  • Espresso Road — an espresso stand serving the Farmers Market on Saturdays (and maybe Wednesdays too?).
  • Farmer's Kitchen Cafe at Natural Food Works — Bio-regional organic food, gluten/casein free/vegan & vegetarian friendly, free range chicken/organic coffee, and teas/ freeWiFi. More like a restaurant than a café.
  • Law School's Coffee Kiosk — The Law School is next to Mrak Hall, down by the arboretum. The Coffee Kiosk started up in August of 2005 and is open during regular school hours.
  • Mishka's Cafe — Graduate students. Lots of them. And their laptops (free WiFi)
  • Pachamama Cafe — At the entrance of the Davis Food Co-Op, not just coffee you can feel good about buying, it's also really good. Try the Custom Drip Brew.
  • Peet's Coffee — (2 locations) Sticks to basics (coffee, tea, espresso). The North Davis one shares space with Noah's Bagels.
  • Philz Coffee - This bay-area-based chain opened a location downtown on the corner of 2nd and E St in 2018. The drinks are good but on the pricier side, there is a lot of space for getting work done, and they have unlimited free wifi.
  • Rosetta Cafe alongside coffee, features sandwiches, beer, wine, and (free Wifi)
  • Starbucks — (4 locations) (free WiFi)
  • Tea List — New tea room with a focus on presentation and high quality organic teas that can be paired with sandwiches, salads and pastries.
  • Temple Coffee — Temple Coffee is a quality-focused retail and wholesale roaster based in Sacramento, California. There is a downtown Davis location at the corner of 3rd and G.


See also doughnuts, bagels, and Cookies, Pastries, and Baked Goods

  • The ASUCD Coffee House Bakery — serves coffee, tea and sweets (cobbler, coffee cake, etc.)
  • Konditorei — Austrian bakery and cafe, free WiFi and some of the best espresso in Davis. Weird location, very out of the way. Opens at 6:00 Tue thru Fri.
  • MU Bagel Place
  • Noah's Bagels — the well-known New York Jewish-style deli.
  • The Posh Bagel — A variety of bagels, breads and pastries baked every day. You can get any toasted bagel or bread for 99 cents, or you can add a large variety of toppings all the way up to full sandwiches.
  • Nugget at Covell — supermarket with bakery and coffee bar. Coffee Bar hours: 6am - 8pm. You can choose from at least 5 different coffees before noon and you can get a melita single cup of coffee of your choice at anytime.
  • Village Bakery — café and artisan-bread bakery, open at 5:30.