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Cal Aggie Camp
Parent Organization
Associated Students of UC Davis (ASUCD)

Cal Aggie Camp, an ASUCD unit, is to provide a setting by which underprivileged and inner-city youth can experience the outdoors facilitated by a multicultural and diverse staff. Children (5-16 years old) are able to participate in a variety of activities created around the talents of our staff. With this goal in mind, Cal Aggie Camp hopes to make a positive impact on children.

This UCD program receives ASUCD subsidies.


Seanne Louvet (Director) director@calaggiecamp.ucdavis.edu

Jennifer Chambers(Alumni Director) assistantdirector@calaggiecamp.ucdavis.edu


Cal Aggie Camp was originally established during Emil Mrak's tenure as UCD Chancellor. When the Bike Auction was established, Mrak put out a call for a charitable purpose to use bike auction funds for; since these bikes are essentially stolen from the community, the money should go back to the community, not the university. He asked ASUCD for ideas on how to spend the money and they proposed Cal Aggie Camp. These days, TAPS pockets the money from the auction. Boo. :(

The original site for Cal Aggie Camp was Camp Cal Aggie, a small piece of National Forest land leased by the university. The exact date it was established is currently unknown, but by 1969 ASUCD had bought a 10% share in the campground. However, it turned out that Cal Aggie Camp was the only group using this university facility. As such, the University returned the land to the National Forest instead of paying to upkeep the property. In the years since, Cal Aggie Camp has been at several different locations. This year it was at Camp Gold Hollow, near Grass Valley.

The Camp was funded by the Bike Auction until Fall of 1981, when the University finally lost its conscience about the bike profits. In the lean years afterwards, it continued to function on its reserves. In 1988, a $0.50 per student per quarter fee was assessed to all undergraduate students to support Cal Aggie Camp; this fee is assessed to this day, though the camp receives additional support from the ASUCD general fund.

During the 2005 ASUCD Budget Hearings then ASUCD Senator Rob Roy wanted to increase the amount of funding Cal Aggie Camp received. However his colleagues did not share the same desire and the significant increase he had hoped for did not pass.

During the 2006 ASUCD Budget Hearings then ASUCD Controller Kai Savaree-Ruess wanted to decrease the amount of funding Cal Aggie Camp received. However his colleagues and then Director, Austin Merrill, did not share the same desire and the significant decrease he had hoped for did not pass.

During the 2007 ASUCD Budget Hearings LEAD Officials proposed an increase to Cal Aggie Camp funding. The proposal was passed with both LEAD and GO Senators voting in favor.

Today (2009), Cal Aggie Camp brings more than 150+ children from the foster care system and underserved communities to summer camp for two weeks of fun at no cost to parents, agencies, or foster parents. With a growing UC Davis student staff of over 50 volunteers, Cal Aggie Camp has become a beacon of hope for these children and reminder of the positive impact ASUCD has on both its community and the region at large. Recently, returning Cal Aggie Camp volunteer Wendy Wang was appointed as Cal Aggie Camp's new Unit Director, as long time advocate, volunteer, and Unit Director, Austin Merrill stepped down after 4 years of Directing and nearly a decade of service to this program. Today, camp is coordinated by 5 year veteran counselor Jenny Choc (Director) and UCD alumni Jen Chambers (Alumni Director), who boasts over a decade of commitment to Cal Aggie Camp.