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Cal Aggie Christian Association, more commonly known as CA House (pronounced "C. A. House"), is a Spiritual Organization just off the UC Davis campus at the end of California Avenue on Russell. CA House is home to the Multifaith Living Community, an intentional living community that brings 37 students together to live in recognition and respect of all faiths. Regular programs include Monday night Christian dinner and worship (called Sanctuary) at 6pm, and Wednesday night Multifaith dinner and program (called Open Table) at 6pm. CA House, March 2010

CA House is an inclusive, progressive campus ministry serving college and graduate students of all faiths in and around the Davis community. We offer opportunities for spirituality, service, personal growth, fellowship, and intentional living.

CA House is a More Light, Open and Affirming, and Reconciling organization, committed to the full participation in religious and spiritual life of people of all sexual orientations, personal backgrounds, and human conditions.

Cal Aggie Christian Association is the campus ministry at UC Davis on behalf of the northern California and Nevada churches of the Presbyterian Church (USA), the United Church of Christ, and the United Methodist Church.

CA House is an active participant in the Interfaith Campus Council at UC Davis, the Multifaith Student Group, the LGBT Resource Center, Cross-Cultural Center, and the Progressive Dinner.

CA House is a long running ministry to students in Davis, beginning as the Young Men's Christian Association in 1916. This makes them the second oldest student organization at UCD, behind AGR. They changed their name to the Cal Aggie Christian Association in 1924, long before the University had policies for what you couldn't name your student clubs — they don't receive special status or support from UC other than use of "Cal Aggie" in their name. For more on the history of CA House, see the brief history on their website.

CA House hosts First Friday Taize Style Services. These are ecumenical Christian services which all from the Davis Christian Community are invited to attend. They are held at Davis Community Church on the first Friday of each month from 7-8pm.

CA House also has weekday meditation sessions at their location starting at 8:30 am.

Multifaith Living Community

One of CA House's A-frame signs near the Memorial Union. CA House planned to develop its property on Russell Boulevard into a Multifaith Living Community. Since purchasing the property in 1955, there was an empty lot behind the main building.

The Elmwood Neighborhood Association sued the City of Davis in January 2005 to stop the project after it was approved with many amendments to accommodate the neighbors by the Davis City Council. In response to the lawsuit, which many believe was a classic case of NIMBY-ism, The Aggie printed an editorial criticizing the neighborhood association for trying to alienate the city's students. On December 9, 2005, the Yolo County Superior Court denied the lawsuit. At the end of March 2006, the neighborhood association appealed the decision, delaying possible construction.

There was a groundbreaking ceremony in fall 2007, and the community opened to residents in fall 2008. The community follows the principles of community, faith, social justice, and simplicity of lifestyle.

From their website:

The Multifaith Living Community (MLC) at CA House is a unique living environment for 34 students who seek to live in ways that honor others and the earth. Students of all faiths, or no faith, are eligible to apply. The community consists of 6 townhouses situated around a central courtyard on the Cal Aggie Christian Association property directly across from campus on Russell Boulevard.

Construction in the MLC has utilized many green building features, and residents are encouraged to take advantage of our proximity to campus and downtown by using alternative modes of transportation. Bike parking is available for all residents.