1700 Olive Drive
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(530) 792-1475
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California Sheds, for all your shed needs! Shed water, insults and fur... wait... maybe somebody who knows about California Sheds should write this entry... if you know about them, please log in, click the "Edit" icon and tell us about California Sheds!

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2007-11-14 11:31:36   would not recommend people consider buying a shed from this business. went to get information and discuss options. Owner was rude, condescending, and talked down to us like we were stupid and he was superior. His mission was not to sell a shed but rather to prove how smart he thought he was. When we stood up and left because of his rudeness he continued to raise his voice and argue and try to prove why he was correct. I went to the city building department immediately afterwards to get information and much of what he said was incorrect. They also told me they have heard other complaintas about the rudeness and poor customer service offerred at this business. —HeatherMartin