These are reviews of Cambridge House Apartments from 2007 and earlier. For more current reviews, visit the entry.

2005-08-13 00:22:26   This place sucks. Rent is ok considering you get high speed internet and cable, but internet goes out from time to time. The AC never works, the heater only heats the living room, so in the summer you burn to death and in winter you freeze to death. Windows don't lock, there is never any parking after 6pm and you're forced to park a mile away and the employees can be somewhat snide and difficult to work with. PLUS it's on a bus line which is NEVER on time. It's an awful place to live, and I hate it. —NinetteSantos

2005-11-15 13:30:44   Avoid this apt if possible. The parking here sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will never get a parking spot after 9pm within a 3-block radius. The windows are hard to work with and the noise level here is out of control. Those stupid motorcyclists' ultra loud mufflers will wake you up 3am in the morning. In the Summer, around dusk, there will be lots of flies and mosquitoes. Only thing i like about this place is the GYM equipments that they have here. —LanEvo

2006-07-20 13:55:13   Not too bad a place, but rather overpriced. When they changed management a few years ago, the new managers decided to raise the rent to match "comparable" properties nearby. Thing is, the "comparable" properties were several decades newer and better maintained. It seems like most of the extra money went to landscaping and making the outside look more attractive. When we moved out they stole our entire damage deposit due to "cigarette burns on the carpet," even though (a) there were no burns anywhere on the carpet, (b) none of us smoked, and (c) they were replacing the carpets in all the units anyway. —BarnabasTruman

2006-09-25 14:26:51   Stay away from here if you want to have a nice long term stay in Davis. Horrible Service at this apartment complex. Place is old and has the worst plumbing system you can imagine. Water does not flow out of faucets or shower with pressure, more like a dribble. Water heater broke once, no compensation or anyhting just sorry there wont be any hot water until 2 days later. Heaters does not work nor did the AC... trying to park wasnt even funny...glad its over. Tryin to settle the security deposit was worse than tryin to steal food from a dog. Made a big deal over 30dollars for cleaning a carpet stain on a dark brown/black carpet which they couldnt even say which room/where the stain was. —CambridgeRenter

2007-04-26 15:28:30   I was thinking about living here next year, and I want a recent opinion of the place. How's the AC/Heater venting? Are the complaints still reliable? How's the water pressure now? —Apartmenthunter

2007-06-06 14:09:36   Heater broke quite often but maintenance was always fast and attentive. Parking is terrible. Free cable and internet is nice. It's a little noisy but not too bad. My neighbor played bass really loud 24/7 but after complaining to the office staff, it stopped. Don't expect your security deposit back, they claimed my dog destroyed the carpets and so they took my deposit to put in new ones, which they were going to do anyway. My stay here wasnt terrible, but I think you can do better in Davis. —Deanna

2007-06-11 19:54:53   This place is horrible. The heating/AC sucks, it's either facing a wall or only going into one room. They promised free computers and printing but the computers and the printer in the computer room never work. They mow the lawn really early in the morning. They are always leaving notices on your door for really stupid stuff and nag more than your mom. The parking sucks. There have been 10 break-ins in the parking lot in the last month and after my car was broken into I told the apartment managers about the recent break-ins they said they would not alert any of the other residents. The next day another car was on blocks. The water pressure sucks. It is an old, ugly complex and it is overpriced for no reason. When they come to fix something they come really early in the morning refuse to come back at a later time because "they are on a schedule". I can't wait to move out. —Janeth

2007-07-19 13:29:21   I'm considering moving in this August. Is it really true what they say about the cars being broken into and AC not working properly. Please let me know what you think. Thanks. —andrew8619

2007-08-04 15:37:06   I wish I could prevent even one person from living here: A: Management constantly changes and you often receive poor managers. B: Many apartments and mine have had A SEVERE AMOUNT of cockroaches for the entirety of our year long leases. C: The plumbing often fails, the hot water often shuts off due to the age of the pipes and poor insulation. D: They often leave annoying banners on the front of your door that signify nothing important. E: The interior of most apartments are extremely old and unkept. The model is INTENTIONALLY never leased; it is the only unit they have that they keep up to date. F: The price is not worth, by any means, the quality. G: I have a 2002 Silver Honda S2000, my car was vandalized on the property to a total of 1,400 dollars repair work before insurance. They showed little interest, and kept NO record of my complaint. This danger exists anywhere in town, but I can most definitely verify vandalism and theft in this apartment's parking lot. H: The parking is terrible during the school year at night. If you plan to stay out late or have a job that lets you out late, you will have problems finding any parking in the actual parking lot. I: The management has often scheduled work orders that required me to remove items from a given area and then failed to come, or even notify me of the cancellation after the fact. J: If you like using the hot tub it is poorly maintained, often empty of water, or regularly dirty. K: The apartment ceilings are poorly constructed, if you live on the first floor you will hear every foot step of the person above you. I have lived in many apartments, I know that this problem always exists but I assure you the problem is much worse here. L: The improvements they do put in, like new carpeting were poorly put in with numerous rips. The new paint jobs they do to the apartments are not done with any effort, they simply paint over everything in white without caring how it will look. M: The apartment complex is completely unforgiving to late fees regardless of circumstances and they also attempt to bill residents for late fees when the check is not late. N: The AC and heating is terrible as many people have mentioned here. It is not suitable for Davis weather. O: They promise features (such as new work out rooms) to be ready in the near future, they told me this 2 years ago and it is not anywhere near completed. P: I have had my apartment entered when I did not answer the door and I did not give them blanket coverage to enter. I caught them at least 2 times doing this when I was too tired to get up to get the door they came in regardless. —tom859

2007-08-10 09:59:52   Have to agree for the most part with Tom my car was broken into as well and they stole my tool box and my wallet that I had mistakenly left inside of my closed glove box. A couple nights before that someones rims were stolen off their truck, when I brought this up to management they showed little interest, I asked if there was anyway they could send out a reminder to residents to be more cautious about what they leave in their cars, response,"We don't do that kind of thing here." I understand it's there image there trying to uphold but at the cost of the residents safety it's not really worth it. —ArmyDecoy

2007-08-21 14:18:13   Well, after hearing all these horror stories I decided to pass on this place. I'm renting a room in a house instead. —andrew8619

2007-12-08 11:28:37   I have to say that I was put off by a lot of the comments here, and have found them to be massively over-stated.

When we moved in, the apartment was very clean and freshly painted, and our few maintenance concerns were taken care of right away. Rent is fine—not too much more or less than most places; they allow larger pets, so if that's important to you then this place is particularly good. Free cable is great, the internet has had some problems but for 'free' (part of your rent), it's not that bad—and you can always sign up for another service if it's too slow/inconsistent for you. The pool and new game room are great, an object of much jealousy from my friends in other complexes. The staff are helpful and the maintenance is fast and polite. Parking is an issue if you arrive late—that's the breaks. However, "a mile"? "Three blocks"? Yeah, I can find parking within a few hundred feet every time. It's not that big of a deal. I have seen one car broken into/vandalized, but that happens at any college apartment complex. It's really convenient to a lot of services and stores and it's only a 15 minute walk to downtown, let alone a bike ride. There are three different bus lines at the same place nearby (DMV), and only one of them is habitually late. I've been quite happy here, don't let all the complaining put you off. —DavePalmer

2007-12-18 22:45:09   Don't let the nice pictures of this apartment complex fool you. The management is not responsive, and the parking sucks BIG TIME!

Be sure to call in a few times to check the rental price b/c they will have different prices for different groups of people. Students usually get screwed with the highest prices!

When I left this complex, we were deducted $200 from our deposit for so-called "stains" on our carpets. Our carpets were such a dark purple that it would have been impossible to leave behind any kind of stain! When we questioned them, Cambridge staff claimed that they stains have since been cleaned.

I would NOT recommend living here! —AggieAlum