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505 I Street
(Central Davis)
No pet
Coin-op Laundry
Non-central heating/ac
Free gas
Furnished (some units?)

Camellia Apartments: Camellia Apartments offers one and two-bedrooms (at $1300/mo with a $300 security deposit). It is conveniently located close to downtown, Amtrak, Co-Op, etc. The bus stops right outside the complex and takes about 5 minutes to and from the Memorial Union. The complex is run by a nice old Taiwanese man named Jimmy Chan who has a heavy Asian accent.

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2009-04-22 14:24:33   I have lived here for a year and signed a lease for next year as well. I would highly recommend this complex. It is very close to downtown (can walk anywhere!) and the management is great. The complex is a little old, so it may not be for you if you're picky about that sort of thing. —Babhari

2009-10-22   No matter what they tell you, the trains are LOUD, and they often come at very early hours while you wish you could be sleeping. There doesn't seem to be a regular pattern. I wish someone else had written here about them before we rented. —sleepless

2017-06-21 17:51:45   [OLD APARTMENT, THIN WALLS, POOR ARRANGEMENT, AWFUL LANDLORD] My lease will end in August but I've already been looking forward to moving out so much. The vent in the bathroom is really really loud, and it would be switched on whenever the lights are turned on. The walls are so thin that I can clearly hear the bathroom vents from downstairs and next-door. Not to mention all the talking and music noises from my neighbors. It's so annoying if the noise comes when I am trying to sleep. What's worse is that the temperature in Davis has been up to 110F these days and my room does not have an air-con. It's so unbearable that I finally asked the landlord if it's possible to install an AC in my room. But he replied "It's all hot in the States these days, not only you." I was so so pissed off. My roommate has an AC in her room and also there's another one in the living room (only my room is excluded). He said there's no space for AC, but didn't even provide any alternatives to me. Of course I know everyone feels hot, but most of the people can turn on AC when it's too hot to sleep. My landlord is just so inconsiderate and irresponsible that he didn't even try to help me solve this problem. DO NOT EVER CONSIDER THIS PLACE, ELSE YOU WILL HAVE A VERY UNHAPPY LIFE FOR AT LEAST A YEAR. —b01504085